My perfect summer evening routine (2023)

my perfect summer evening routine
It is summer and it definitely got warmer in the last couple of weeks. When it is warm, it is harder to fall asleep. That is why you have a good evening routine that can help you to fall asleep faster. And today I wanted to share my perfect summer evening routine. Of course, you are a different person who prefers to do other things, but maybe I can inspire you to create your own perfect summer evening routine.

I come home between 7:30 and 8:00 in the evening from work. A lot of people work from 9-5 and come home earlier than I do. This means I also have less time for an evening routine. But I think I have created the perfect routine for me right now.

My perfect summer evening routine

I have a very different eating schedule than other people. On a weekday I eat between 11 AM-12 PM, 3-4 PM, and around 8 PM. I sort of divided my dinner into two parts. Between 3 and 4 I eat most of it and in the evening I eat a little bit lighter like a cup of soup, fruit, or smoothie. But is definitely a big part of my evening routine because I have to eat something otherwise I can’t sleep. I don’t want to eat a full meal because that can be too much right before going to bed and I am also not in the mood to make dinner 8 PM. Most of the time I am already hungry again and I want to eat something right away.

Watch one episode of something
While I am eating my second dinner I like to watch something on Netflix. Most of the time I prefer to watch a short episode of something. Right now I am watching Brooklynn 99, which I definitely enjoy watching. I normally don’t do two things at the same time like eating and watching Netflix, but it is the only moment of the day I can watch something and I never watch TV before going to bed. Most of the time I just watch one or two episodes, not more. Because after this my real evening routine starts. But I stop watching TV before 9 PM. I never use screens after that time because it influences the quality of my sleep. I want to wake up feeling refreshed and energetic.

Getting ready for the evening
When I don’t go outside for the rest of the evening, I get ready for the evening. This means I clean my face, getting rid of the makeup. I prefer to take showers in the morning because it takes forever to dry my hair. But I still clean myself a little bit. This gives me a clean feeling. I always feel a little dirty after a long day. I also change into a more comfy outfit. I get ready for a cozy evening.

Right now, I love to journal. It helps me to stay focused and I can write down everything I need to. Sometimes I write down my feelings and then I realize I was worrying about nothing. It helps me to put things in perspective. I also use my journal for writing down my gratitude lists and writing about my manifestations. I use my journal for a lot of things. But it helps to clear my head. I can be an overthinker and by writing everything down, I let everything go. This makes it easier for me to fall asleep faster.

Then it is time for my favorite part of my evening routine and that is reading. As I mentioned above, I do not watch TV after 9 because it influences the quality of my sleep. So I had to do something different and I found that reading is the perfect activity for me before going to bed. My e-reader has this function that reduces blue light in the evening, so it won’t affect my sleep. But reading really helps me to relax and there are evenings that I fall asleep while reading. That is why I prefer to read in bed. Sometimes it is still pretty warm outside in the evening I decide to read outside or in my comfy reading chair next to the window. But I kind of prefer my bed. But every morning, I wake up feeling energetic and refreshed. 

What is your favorite evening routine?



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