My Killer Vacation – Tessa Bailey | Book Review

my killer vacation tessa bailey book review
Title: My Killer Vacation
Author: Tessa Bailey
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Pages: 322
My Rating: 7-10

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My Killer Vacation

Taylor and her brother Jude arrive at their rental house in Cape Cod, but soon Taylor discovers peepholes, and not much later she finds a dead man. Someone killed the owner of these rental houses. The owner’s sister hired a bounty hunter to find the killer. From the moment Myles arrives at the crime scene, Taylor annoys him, because she really wants to know who did it. Taylor is obsessed with murder mysteries podcasts and TV shows and she thinks she might be helpful to the case. But she is only distracting Myles from solving by being there, standing next to him at the crime scene.


I can definitely remember the time I read another book by Tessa Bailey, called ‘Window shopping’. That one was very spicy and I would say this book is no different, although I believe there are fewer spice parts in this book. The first part of this book was a little weird in my opinion. There is a killer on the loose and Taylor was really distracting MYles from solving this case. But instead, they were just flirting and there was dirty talk as well. I just thought that was super weird. Taylor just found a dead body and now she is telling Myles what she wants in bed. 

I was also kind of confused at the beginning. I kind of buy books based on their cover, at least most of the time I do. So I did not read what the book is about. But I remembered I read ‘Window Shopping’ too, so I knew that Tessa writes spicy romance books. When I started to read this book (My Killer Vacation) I was confused by the story about the peepholes and the murder. Because that was definitely not romantic at all. And the fact she was on holiday with her brother was even more confusing. I was kind of relieved Myles made his appearance because I was definitely not in the mood for an incest kind of story. Yes, I was kind of afraid of that, because of the way Taylor and Jude talk to each other. They are very close.

But in my opinion, I think I can divide this book into two parts. The first part is spicy. There is just a lot of sexual tension between the two. In the second part, he started to open up. He constantly said he wasn’t the guy who wants to marry and have kids, but if that is true why was he married before? Later on, he started to show his softer side. The first part is lust, but later the vibe was different. It was more towards love I would say. Although, that is kind of a crazy thing to say because they have known each other for just a couple of days. But I definitely liked the second part a lot better than the beginning of this book. The part where Myles and Taylor meet for the first time, made me eye-roll a couple of times. I think I do this all the time when two people fall in love instantly. Or maybe I shouldn’t call it love, but lust instead. 

There was one sentence that made me laugh, but I would not say it was in a good way:  Don’t think of her wrapping her thighs tighter, tilting her hips, and praising me for my healthy swimmers. I mean this sounds so strange and so not sexy. But at least, this book made me laugh. And now I think about it, Myles stealing Taylor’s underwear when they meet for the first time is so weird too. Imagine if that happens in real life. I would see me running towards the police station probably. But thank god, this is just a book.

If you like spicy romances (with a little bit of murder mystery) then this book is for you. Personally, I like this book better than the ‘window shopping’ one. I think that had to do with the fact there was still a killer to catch. Taylor wouldn’t be safe until he/she was in jail. It is not the kind of book I would read all the time. But reading a book like this every once in a while is okay. 




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