My Birthday Wishlist | 2023

birthday wishlist
On May 25th I turn 31. So it is time to create my birthday wishlist. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of wishes. When I was younger, it was so easy to think of stuff that I really wanted to get for my birthday. But now, I just prefer things that I will actually use. So maybe this wishlist is pretty boring for someone else. But I think that is a part of growing up. You get excited about the most random things.

My Birthday Wishlist

Of course, I don’t expect to get everything. I like to give people options so it will be still a surprise when I get my gifts. 

1. Books
More specifically, I want a gift card. I really like getting gift cards. Some people might think that is a boring gift to give or to receive but I love it. Because of this, I can choose my own gift. When I was younger and did not ask for gift cards, I sometimes got a birthday gift I did not like that much. But of course, you would never say that to the person who gives you this gift. But I am tired of pretending I am happy with my gift. That is why I ask for gift cards. I love books, so I am always happy with a book gift card. I have a long list of (e)books I want to buy and read.

2. Other gift cards
I also ask for gift cards from other stores. This year I am going for the stores that sell homeware stores. Because I will probably buy a few things for my new apartment. I don’t like to spend money on things I will never use or wear. And this way, moving is cheaper for me too. Not sure what I exactly will buy with it yet, but I will let you know on my blog/social media if I get a gift card. My favourite stores are Action, Hema (both Dutch stores) and I would also be very happy with an Ikea gift card

3. Plants
Plants are always welcome because they make your apartment prettier. It brings it to life. There are many types of research that found that plants make you happier too. It is like spending time in nature to recharge. Flowers are okay too though.

4. Gold Jewellery
So I used to wear jewellery a lot, then I stopped wearing it. This year I found out that I am actually an autumn type when it comes to fashion and colour schemes. I wrote a whole blog post about colour/season type. This can help you to pick the best colours for outfits and jewellery.  But gold jewellery looks best on me and I love minimalistic rings and necklaces. 

5. Tripod
I am still looking for a good tripod so I can take more TikTok videos and Insta photos. I always use books and tables as a tripod now. I mean, it works but I feel like it is better to invest/get a tripod. I would love to get one with a ring light as well. I live in the Netherlands and especially in the winter it is really dark to film anything.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



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