Midnight at Tiffanys – Sarah Morgan | Book Review

Midnight at Tiffany's Sarah morgan
Title: Midnight at Tiffanys
Author: Sarah Morgan
Publisher:  HQN books
Genre: Romance
Pages: 100
My Rating: 6/10

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Midnight at Tiffanys

Matilda is a waitress and an aspiring writer. One evening she is working as a waitress, when she has the opportunity to meet Chase Adams, his brother who has a publishing company. But Matilda is also very clumsy, so before she even gets the chance to find and meet this Chase, she spills champagne everywhere and she gets fired. In the elevator, she meets another man. This guy is trying to escape this party and be himself for one night. While Matilda wants to be someone else for one night instead.


Most of the time, I buy e-books without looking at how many pages it has. So when I started to read this, I thought that 180 ebook pages were a mistake. I don’t read a lot of short novellas. But it was not a mistake, it was the actual length of this book. However, I wasn’t disappointed. I was already behind my Goodreads schedule and reading a short story would definitely help to get back on track. 

I have mixed feelings about this. I am going to start with the positive ones. It was the perfect length for this story, and I love it takes place in New York. this whole book series (From Manhattan with Love) takes place in NYC. I like that. I really want to go to New York soon. And I always like to read a book with a happy ending. 

However, I thought it was pretty interesting how Chase fell in love so fast with Matilda. They spend one night together, they sort of knew a couple of facts about each other and then he tells her he loves her. He even said he wanted to start a family. If I was Matilda in this kind of situation, I would have freaked out. Like, slow down, please. I don’t necessarily need a happy ending where the guy proposes to the woman at the end. If they just end up together I am pretty happy. The gesture might have been cute (Midnight at Tiffany’s) but it would have been better if they had waited a year, to get to know each other and then he should have asked her to come to Tiffany’s. That would have been so much more romantic. 

So yes, I have mixed feelings. But it was definitely one of those books that you can read and finish pretty quickly, which was nice for a chance. Most of the books I read are around 400 pages. Even though I thought their relationship was going to fast, I still kept reading. I wanted to find out what was going to happen.

And there were also a few pages of the next book in this series (Sleepless in Manhattan) and I kind of want to read that book too. It sounded really cute. But I kind of hope that their relationship is a slow one, just taking the time. 



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