Lewis Capaldi: How I am feeling now | Documentary Review

Title: Lewis Capaldi: How I am feeling now
Stars: Lewis Capaldi
Director: Joe Pearlman
Genre: Documentary
My Rating: 8/10

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Lewis Capaldi: How I am feeling now

Lewis Capaldi is the artist who wrote the two major hits ‘Before you go’ and ‘Someone You Loved.’ And this documentary follows him on his journey. Suddenly he was a star and he was in the spotlights. That sounds a like a lot of fun, but it also brings pressure. This documentary shows how he started singing, it follows him around during the pandemic and after that. 


This documentary was very interesting. I knew who Lewis Capaldi was and I knew sort of what he looked like, but that was all. I did not know anything about his personal life. I love his two hits. Suddenly he was everywhere on the radio and I did not mind it at all. His voice is incredible. And the two songs were also beautifully written.

And of course, I knew him from social media. I’ve seen him before on my timeline on Tiktok. He is just this funny guy. But behind that there is someone who is struggling and I had no idea. In this documentary, Lewis talks about how he loves to perform in front of an audience, but it also brings a lot of pressure. His mental health went downhill after he became famous. But that wasn’t the only thing he was dealing with. He also had twitches, and later he found out he has Tourette’s syndrome. 

First of all, I think that makes him more ‘special’. Performing for a huge audience is one thing, but doing that while you have Tourette’s is next level. But he did not find out until late 2022, I believe. Which means, he walked around with this for years. Which must have been hard and exhausting. But he got help and it is getting better.

One other thing I liked was that he has people around him that care about him and support him. They all decided that it was better to stop writing for a new album for a while and to focus on his health instead. He has the right team and support system around him. There were artists who were also struggling and did not have this. I mean, Lewis’ mom stays on the phone with him for hours if he has a panic attack. I know how terrible a panic attack can be, so it was nice to see that someone was really there for him. But I am also he found professional help. 

I like watching documentaries like this one. It is fun to get to know an artist. Like, you can read all the gossip about a person, but a lot of the time that is just gossip and not facts. For an instant, there was a rumour that Lewis was doing drugs because he was acting ‘weird’. But in reality, his twitches were really bad and he was just really struggling. You never know what is going on in someone’s life.

I still hope to see him perform live one day, because I bet he sounds amazing live. But also agree that (mental) health comes first. I hope he will take care of his self no matter what happens in the future.



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