Lease on Love – Falon Ballard | Book Review

Title: Lease on Love
Author: Falon Ballard
Publisher: g.p. Putnam´s Sons
Genre: Romance, Drama, Friendship
Pages: 349
My Rating: 7.5/10

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Lease on Love

Sadie has made a terrible mistake. She was expecting a promotion, a promotion that would give her extra money so she can start paying off her student debt. But during the meeting, the boss tells his son is going to get that job, and Sadie gets very angry. As a result, she gets fired. During a group hangout, she realized she needs a date, but Sadie was already extremely drunk when she opened the app. Not realizing that she opened the wrong app. Just earlier that day she downloaded a roommate app. On her ´date´, she realized she made another mistake. But maybe this could be another opportunity. The rent Jack is asking is super low and maybe this is a sign to start her own business like she always wanted to.


This book was pretty interesting and I think I have a lot of things I want to talk about. Not because it is all bad or anything, I just have a lot of thoughts. I start with the main character Sadie. She was hating her job, but she also really wanted that promotion.  I think this is also one of the reasons why she got really mad when she heard that the boss´s son would get that job. He did not even work for that company yet, Sadie has been working hard for that promotion and she hated her job. I would be mad if I did not get respect for the things I did at my shitty job. 

Another thing I have noticed is that Sadie thinks it is weird that Jack thinks he is a mess. She wonders why he thinks like that. Ironically, she has the exact same thoughts about herself. She always talks about how she is selfish and she doesn’t deserve anyone. This is a result of years of abuse. But sometimes I wanted to scream, get myself together, find a therapist and don´t be so insecure. I know it does not work like that at all, but sometimes she annoyed me. 

Jack´s story is a little bit vaguer. Seriously, I did not understand why Sadie was okay with knowing nothing about him. He just did not talk about it at all. If I would become roommates with someone, I would like to know a few things. If that person is not saying anything, I would run. That is a red flag. What if he is a serial killer? He also has a lot of money, where does he come from? Sadie is constantly joking about dealing drugs. If someone does not talk about it, I would think the same thing and run (again)

I know in books, your favourite person has to be the main character. The main character should be likeable. But I think I had a different favourite character, to be honest, and that is Gemma. She is Sadie’s best friend and I was feeling bad for her. She was clearly struggling, and I wanted everything to work out for her. I kind of wanted to read more about her instead of Sadie. Is that bad? But seriously, I wanted to hug her and tell her everything will be fine.
Sadie’s friends are all amazing and it kind of made me emotional. I realized I miss that kind of feeling you can call your friends whenever you want. I lost most of my friends and I don’t think I have very close friends at this moment. This book inspired me to meet new people, so I can have the same thing. They are all so supportive of each other. They are true friends.

I really liked the story. Sadie goes from hating her job and apartment to following her heart. Jack is finally opening up again. Somehow I can relate to him a little bit. When I had a lot of panic attacks, my world became smaller and smaller, just like Jack’s world. The writing style is nice. I have nothing to complain about, I believe. 




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