Kiss my Cupcake – Helena Hunting

Title: Kiss my cupcake
Author: Helena Hunting
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Romance, Enemies to lovers
Pages: 369
My Rating: 9/10

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Kiss my cupcake

Blaire is opening her first cupcake store. Before this, she has a cupcake food truck with a friend. Not everyone is supportive of this next step in her life. Her family have restaurants and is very wealthy. So they do not completely agree when Blaire decided not to join the family business. When Blaire is getting her store ready for the opening, a loud noise comes from next door. Her new neighbour (Ronan) is improving The knight Cap, a pub his grandfather owns and makes a lot of noise. From the moment they meet, Ronan is getting under Blaire’s skin and she hates it.

And now there is a Youtube channel that helps and promotes other small businesses and they are both nominated. They both want to win because winning this competition means you will get more customers. And extra money is always welcome when you are a small business. Both Ronan and Blaire are ready to play dirty to win. Blaire and Ronan are both trying to organize the best events and Blaire hates it when Ronan comes into her bakery to invite all the customers to join the event next door at The Knight Cap. But when a third rival opens a store across the street, they agreed to work together and make sure they will keep their customers.


The title of this book is very interesting and definitely sounds dirty. It totally sounds like something you wouldn’t say to just everyone. Although, Blaire used it as a comeback in an argument on the day they met. Very bold of her, I would say. 

But the good news is that this book helped me to get out of my reading slump. Since the start of 2023, I constantly picked the wrong books to read and it was really hard to finish a book in January. I was currently reading another book, I needed something that was easier to read. I found this book on my e-reader and decided to read it. And that was the best decision of this year so far for me. I really liked this book. I couldn’t put it down. It was cute, there was a lot of tension between the main characters (which I obviously love) and I finished it in half a day (during a workweek). 

As I said, the tension between the two characters was definitely there. Which is a good thing! I’ve read a few romance books where I just didn’t feel the tension and those were my least favourite novels. The two main characters were both likeable too, which is also a plus. Although, it is very interesting because I know there are men like Ronan out there too. They have an interesting way of showing that they like someone. Ronan was using pranks to show Blaire he basically liked her. If that happened in real life, it would be something weird. But I am completely okay if it happens in a book. It helps with building tension. And he was obviously feeling sorry for the glitter bomb he sent to her and helped to clean up, so he was still a good guy in my opinion.

I think this is the first time I read a book by Helena Hunting, but it is definitely not going to be the last time, because I liked this one A LOT. I am going to check out her other books as soon as possible, meaning after when I finally finished reading all the unread books on my e-reader. Her writing style helped me to find the motivation to read again. The story was cute too.

This book made me hungry too. After reading this book I was craving cupcakes. I almost baked cupcakes in the middle of the night. I am definitely blaming the author (just kidding). This book was really sweet, just like how sweet cupcakes are. 
Do I have a thing I absolutely did not like about this book? The answer to that question is: NO! I really enjoyed reading this one. I just liked everything about this book.



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