It’s not you, it’s him – Sophie Ranald

Title: It’s not you, it’s him
Author: Sopie Ranald
Publisher: Bookouture
Genre: Romance
Pages: 392
My Rating: 5/10

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It’s not you, it’s him

Tansy thought she and Renzo are the perfect couple, Tansy just got dumped by Renzo after telling him a secret he did not like. But Tansy thinks she still loves him and decides to go after him again. Texting him too many times did not work, so she comes up with another plan to get him back. She asks her roommate Adam, who works with him, for his schedule so she can stalk him.


This year, I’ve read so many great romance books and to be honest there weren’t many books I did not like. Every week I wrote positive reviews about the books I read. And I was wondering if I was just being lucky picking the right books for myself. I see so many people sharing lists of books they did not like and I can barely make one list of the books I did not like. But I think I have found a book that I didn’t enjoy as much as the others and this was the book.

It is a romance book, which is definitely one of my favourite genres. But the thing I did not like about this book was it took forever before the story really started. I think the first half was just about Tansy thinking she wants her ex Renzo back and there was just one time they saw each other again after they broke up. But for the first half that was basically it. It was just Tansy working, thinking about her ex and how to get him back and eating with her roommate Adam. In my opinion, it took way too long. Only when the writer introduced a new male character, the story got more interesting.

But I was so confused. I already had the feeling that Tansy would never end up with her ex again, but there was just one other guy in this story (Adam) and they were just friends. I had not the feeling that there would be something more between the two. Only when the author introduced a new character, after reading half of the book, I know that this would be the potentially new guy in her life.

I also kind of had the idea that something would happen like this because there were also flashbacks. This story has three storylines. One is chronological, the second one has flashbacks to the relationship between Tansy and Renzo and the last one had flashbacks back to when Tansy was still in high school. I was also surprised that Tansy even wanted Renzo back after reading about her relationship with Renzo because he was mean. He did whatever he wanted to do and she was the one who had to adjust. One time Renzo said he would be very hungry after watching football with friends, so Tansy made him dinner. He comes home and said that he already had eaten. How terrible is that? He was a bit controlling too. I saw so many red flags. Weird that Tansy never realized she was in a toxic relationship.

But can we talk about the other guy in this book, Josh. And how much he grew as a person and he really puts effort into his relationship with Tansy and so did Adam. Chelsea, Felicity and the other characters were pretty boring to me, maybe even superficial.

Her writing style however was okay, which made it easier for me not to quit reading. If the writing style was also terrible I would have stopped reading after a few chapters.
Other people/media are describing this book as funny. It’s been a few days since I finished this book but I can’t remember if there were any good jokes in this book. So now I am also confused because did I accidentally skip the funny parts?

If have to be honest, I think this is going to be one of my least favourite books this year. The first half was pretty boring and nothing interesting happened in my opinion, the second half was better. But I think it would be even better if Tansy realized she was in a very toxic relationship with Renzo. Now, she just said: I don’t think we are a great couple.

Maybe I will try another book by Sophie, but right now I am not excited to read one. But I like to give an author a second chance.



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