Intrusion – Movie review

Title: Intrusion
Actors: Freida Pinto, Logan Marshall-Green, Robert John Burke
Director: Adam Salky
Writer: Chris Sparling
Genre: Drama, Thriller
My Rating: 6.5/10

You can watch Intrusion now on Netflix


Meera and her husband are moving to a small town into their new house. After their date night, they come and see that someone broke into their house. But not much later, three guys break into their house again in the middle of the night. Why are they breaking into their house? What are they looking for? Does Henry know what this is about?


This movie started a pretty slow-paced movie. The first action is around 15 minutes in when someone broke into their house and are looking for something. When they find out who the three guys are, the police asks them if they know Christine. This girl/woman went missing a while ago and nobody has an idea where she is. But Henry and Meera don’t know her.

After the burglary, Meera doesn’t feel safe anymore at home, so one night she follows Henry to the store. Henry said he would buy a few things for the housewarming party but he forgot his wallet. But while Meera is following him, she realizes he is not going to the store at all. That was the first moment when I realized he was the bad guy.

Okay, I am wrong. The first moment I knew this guy was the bad guy was the first moment I saw him. He just looked like one of those creepy guys who would do terrible things. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wrong. I was kind of hoping for a major plot twist. That we would think it is him but suddenly it is her or someone else.

But after following Henry, Meera starts to do stupid things. She starts her own investigation which is always the wrong way to do because if you get caught, you just have to hope you will survive it too. But she went to a trailer park and she is trying to find evidence. But what was the police doing? Because you would think that their job is solving cases right? The girl was still missing.

Meera made also very lame excuses in this movie to her husband. So it was very easy for her husband not to trust her at all. Funny enough, Henry said at the beginning of the movie that they couldn’t keep secrets from each other. But they ended up having a lot of secrets, so that wasn’t working at all.

Was this movie scary? Not really. There was one single moment that made me jump and scared me but that was actually it. I was expecting something more. It was predictable too because when I looked at Henry, I immediately knew he was the bad guy. That was just based on HIS LOOKS! But was it the worst movie ever? Not for me. I still somehow enjoyed it. The other day I didn’t even finish the other Netflix movie ‘The Guilty’. That movie was worse in my opinion.



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