If Harry met Sally again – Annie Robertson

Title: If Harry met Sally Again
Author: Annie Robertson
Publisher: Orion
Genre: Romance
Pages: 239
My Rating: 7/10

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If Harry met Sally Again

Nina is pretty content with her current life, not happy just content. When she comes home early from work one day, she discovers her boyfriend Will in bed with another woman. The break-up. Will say in their break-up talk that Nina never finishes a project like her movie script. The break-up is for Nina the motivation to prove him wrong and she tries to finish and sell her script called ‘If harry met Sally again’. But it is not easy to convince the people in Hollywood. At one point she got told that she needs a co-writer and they hired Ben. But it is not easy to work with him and the people in Hollywood. Nina wants to stay true to what she’s always wanted (for Harry, Sally and herself). Will Nina give up on her biggest dream or will she finish this project?


This book is based on the movie ‘When Harry met Sally’. I think I’ve seen the movie before, but I also don’t remember it. But honestly, I don’t think it is necessary to watch the movie to understand this book. Maybe there will be some similarities I haven’t noticed but I could follow the story very easily.

Nina’s biggest dream is to finish her movie script about Harry and Sally again, but 30 years later. And she sent it to an agency and they liked it. Nina basically thought at that moment, that that was it. But one of the bosses wants her to rewrite a few things. Nina was okay with it first. But later she had basically to change the whole thing and that was pretty overwhelming for Nina. Nina felt like she was failing because her script (especially the ending) was not good enough for them. She even wondered if it would ever be good enough to sell it and turn it into a movie. She even had to work with Ben, who looked like a hipster and Nina does not like hipsters for a reason. And for that same reason, Nina does not like what Ben tells her to change in her script. They even got into a big fight.

The funny part was that Will cheated on Nina at the beginning of this book, but later in this book, he is trying to get back together again. He does not see himself marrying the woman (Carmen) he cheated with. And basically, Carmen cheats on him too. I think that is called Karma.

This book was good, maybe it would have been better If I knew what the original movie was about again. But even when you are not a big fan of the movie or you have never seen the movie, it is okay. The book is still all right. It was the kind of book I read pretty quickly actually. I always love a cute ending and this book definitely had a cute ending.

Even though I would not give this book an 8 out of 10 or higher, this book was still pretty good. To be honest, I don’t even have a long list of things I did not like about this book. But I’ve had to read better romances, in my opinion. But that is just taste I guess.
There was one thing that bothered me and that was this woman at their bookshop, Doreen. It was about how she talked. I am not sure what language that was, but it was so hard to read for me as a non-English native speaking person. Some of the words she said I could figure out, but some words were gibberish for me. That is the thing I did not like about this book.

This book came out in 2016 and the cover is all right. It gives me that 2000’s feeling. And it looks nice because it has the skyline of London and New York. Nina lives in London and Ben lives in New York.

Annie Robertson has written 13 books according to Goodreads, but I’ve had never heard of her. I just took a look at the other books she wrote and ‘Mamma Mia Summer’ sounds like a book I could read. And I just realized that book might be based on the ‘Mamma Mia’ movie. I guess Annie loves to watch movies. Because there is also a book called ‘Four weddings and a festival’ and I remember there is also a movie called ‘Four weddings and a funeral. That sounds pretty similar to me. Maybe all of her books are based on movies. But I guess I could only find out if I try one of her other books too in the future.

Overall, this book was just good. It was not bad, but it also wasn’t the best book ever. There was only one thing I did not like about this book, but that was it. Maybe this book is the perfect book for you if you liked the movie ‘When Harry met Sally’. Either way, it is cute and I loved the ending. It also inspired me to follow my own dreams too. I also want to write a book and hopefully turn those books into a movie. That would be amazing!



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