Hot Girl Summer 2023

Last year was the year everyone talked about ´hot girl summer´ and it is time to bring it back. Spring is around the corner and it is time to prepare yourself for the sunny months. But this year we are going to do better than last year. This summer we become the best versions of ourselves and be happy. 

What is Hot Girl Summer
Some people might say that this ´trend´ is about being hot, so a girl with good looks. There was even a list for ´Hot Girl Summer´ going around in my country, but in my opinion, it was the opposite of hot girl summer. This list was filled with challenges like sleeping with a guy, getting a tattoo, or doing body shots. When I think of Hot Girl Summer, I see a person who is feeling confident, is doing whatever she wants to do and is having the time of her life in a positive way. She (or he) is making the most of the summer. She does not need alcohol. drugs and sex. And you do not have to be a girl to have a Hot Girl summer. Anyone can do the same things.

How to have a Hot Girl Summer

It is not summer yet, but why would you wait to become the best version of yourself? Write down who you want to become and what your ideal life/summer looks like and then start acting like it. Maybe you can even use the ‘lucky girl syndrome method‘  With this method, you say over and over again ‘that you are so lucky and everything is working out for me’. People who expect great things to happen manifest the craziest things. It might help you to have the perfect summer.

Things to do during Hot Girl Summer 2023
1. Work on your mindset. Read self-help books that might help you with that.
2. Find a sport you enjoy. This can also mean you just want to dance around in the morning in your bedroom.
3. Read more books. Reading is really good for you. It helps to reduce stress and it makes you smarter. If you want to have a stress-free summer, read a book or two.
4. Find out what brings you joy. When you are younger you might not know what you really like and want in life. Try different things this summer. Maybe you realized you like to write poems or you like to be the drummer of a new band.
5. Focus on your goal. If you know what you want, set a specific goal for yourself and work towards it. Do not let other things distract you. But also don’t forget to enjoy the process. That is way more important.
6. Learn a new language. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish or Italian. Use Duolingo every day to learn a new language.
7. Work on your confidence. Feeling insecure right now and you want to change that. Challenge yourself to fake confidence. It is a mindset thing. You are feeling insecure because of your mindset. But that means you can create more confidence too.
8. Take care of your body. It is also time to stop eating junk food all the time and start eating healthier. Eat more salads and fruit. Make new healthy smoothies. But taking care of your body is more than just eating healthy. It is also about exercising and stretching. Don’t forget that either!
9. Try a new look. Go to the thrift store or your favourite clothing store and create a whole new look. Dress confident and sexy. You can feel like a completely different person if you change your style. 
10. Step out of your comfort zone. Nothing great comes from being in your comfort zone is something people say a lot. I agree if you do the same things over and over again, nothing will change. If you do something else each day, your life starts to change. They also say that stepping out of your comfort zone can make you feel more confident. So what are you waiting for?
11. Go on an adventure. Go to a city you’ve never been to before, go to the beach or spend your day in the woods. Spend more time in nature.
12. Take yourself on a date. Why wait until someone else takes you out on a date if you can take yourself on a date? Go to the cinema alone or to a festival. If you want to go somewhere and your friends do not want to go or they don’t have time, just go alone.
13. Spend time with friends. Spending time with other people is also very important, so call your friends or make new ones and just have fun together. Go laser gaming or bowling. Call them up for a movie marathon.
14. Have a photoshoot with your friends. Do you need new Instagram photos? Organize a photo shoot with your friends, create a few cool outfits and find locations to shoot your photos and have fun!
15. Create a new routine. Maybe you want to wake up earlier instead of staying in bed until noon. 
16. Create new healthy habits. Waking up earlier is good, getting enough sleep is important, start exercising each day and focus on your goals. Decide what new habits you want to implement into your life and just do it. It can take a while before it feels all-natural to you, so don’t give up. In the summer, you feel full of energy, so it is the best time to try new habits to improve your life and health.

A free tip: Keep a journal, and document your life so you can see how much you and your life have changed over the summer. Especially if you want to start exercising more often because you want more muscles and lose fat. Maybe you do not see the difference, but when you put a photo before the summer next to a photo after the summer next to each other, you will see the difference.

A lot of great things can happen during the summer. Make sure you don’t waste your time on things you don’t want to do and that is not necessary. 

Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash



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