Home team – Movie review

Title: Home Team
Actors: Kevin James, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider
Directors: Charles Kinnane, Daniel Kinnane
Writers: Chris Titone, Keith Blum
Genre: sport, comedy, family
My Rating: 6/10

Home team

Based on a true story. Sean Peyton is the head coach of New Orleans Saints and together they win the Super Bowl. But then in 2012, he got suspended because of his role in the bounty gate scandal. He decides to visit his son and see him play football. But he has been away for so long, his son does not like it that he is back at first. Then during a game with his son, he sees an opportunity to score a touchdown. They never score, so it would be the first one of the season. He goes to the coach and tells him what to do and they score. They offer him a job and success. They start to score more goals, but Sean Peyton is so focused on winning, that he forgets about the most important thing: having fun.


I am going to confess I have never seen American football. I am European and I like normal football and I don’t understand the rules of this kind of football. And after watching this movie, I still don’t understand it. I only knew that a touchdown is a way to score points for your team. But that is about it.

When I saw Kevin James, I expected a comedy and maybe it was supposed to be a comedy, I don’t know. But there weren’t many funny jokes except for the kids who orders pizza during practise and a match. This movie is based on a true story though, so I am not sure if It was supposed to be funny. Normally, I like to watch movies that are based on true stories. Most of them are very uplifting and happy. And Netflix marked this as a feel-good movie, but to be honest, I was not feeling it.

And maybe the reason why is because I did not understand American football and had absolutely nothing in common with any one of the main characters. Maybe someone who likes American football will like to movies. I think one of the most important things to like in a movie (or a book) is that you have something in common or that you can relate to that person. Or maybe you want to be that person, a hero.
I was also kind of missing the most important thing of this story and that was his relationship with his son. He came to that small town to visit his son and see him play and build a relationship with him. But we did not see any of that to be honest, except for the car ride to practise. If you did tell me that Connor was not his son but just a random kid of the football team, I would have believed you too. Sure, it takes time to build a relationship and to trust each other again but there was nothing. I think Sean was just too focused on playing football and winning. I have no idea what their relationship was in real life but for the movie, it would have been better if you actually could see building their relationship again and doing fun things together.

But I can mention one thing I actually liked. Sean was really focused on winning the championship and he forgets about what is the most important thing and that is having fun. But luckily at the end of the match, he realizes something like that and he picked one of his worst players over one of his best and give him a chance to win. Even though, that would only give their chance on a tie and not winning.
I think that is the most important thing, not just for kids but also for adults. The number one thing in life is having fun. You can play football and be the best but is it really worth it to sacrifice your happiness.
And it was nice to see Taylor Lautner again. Haven’t seen him in movies since Twilight (the first movie) and Valentine’s day when he was a couple with Taylor Swift.

Overall, I just think I picked the wrong movie for me. I just hope Netflix will release more romance movies soon for me because that is the stuff I like the most. This movie was alright but not the right movie for me. This is a movie for everyone who loves American football and it is perfect to watch with your whole movie. Although I have to admit that the puking scene was just disgusting. What is up with Americans, comedy movies and puking? It is was never funny and will never be funny. It always looks fake, but it is also disgusting. I even feel bad again while I am thinking about it again.



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