Fun movies to watch during the Corona lockdown


It is not easy to stay inside your house when the sun is shining a lot more. Spring has definitely arrived here in the Netherlands. Of course, I can still go outside alone but it feels different. I want to hang out in the park with my friends. But now we have to stay more inside. But don’t worry! I made a list of fun movies to watch during the corona lockdown. This list contains a couple of my favorite movies that can help you to forget the real-world problems for 1 to 2 hours.

Of course, I don’t recommend watching movies all day long though. I did this in the first week of staying home and it was not great for my mental health. But of course, once a week you have a movie marathon.


I think Clueless is one of my favorite movies. I still use ‘as if’ in the way, Cher would say it. So Cher definitely influenced me. This movie is hilarious and romantic. It is kind of weird though, that she ends up with her ex-stepbrother. But let’s forget about and just enjoy this fun movie. And I am still waiting for a computer that matches my clothes.

Mean girls

Mean Girls is still a huge movie hit. I still love to watch it sometimes. They also tried to make another mean girls movie but that movie was just terrible and cringe. I think no teenager movie (with bitch fights) can beat this. This movie is so ‘fetch’. This movie became an iconic movie for everyone who loves high school movies. I really love the drama and the humor in this movie.

White chicks

I completely forgot what this movie was all about. So last week I decided to watch it again and it was hilarious. It is about two cops who are getting in trouble constantly. Their boss wants to fire them but he gives them one last chance. They have to protect two annoying spoiled sisters. There are people who want to kidnap them and ask for money. Hilarious because almost everything goes wrong.

Any Disney movie

I wanted to put one Disney movie on this list but I couldn’t choose. Every Disney movie is amazing. They are always so uplifting, powerful and great for your mood. A couple of my favorites are Rapunzel, Aladdin and Frozen 1&2. And the great news is that Disney has their own platform now where you can watch their movies.

To all the boys I’ve loved before

In this mood for another high school romance? This is probably one of my favorite movies that Netflix made. The movies are based on the books by Jenny Han. Peter and Lara Jean are fake dating to make people jealous or keep them away. But turns out that they really like each other. If you like this movie, watch the kissing booth too. You will like that one too.

Dirty dancing and Grease

In the mood for older movies and more dance and music? These two are definitely one of my favorites in that category. These movies are also very uplifting. I think we all know these two movies. In Dirty Dancing Baby falls in love with dance instructor Johnny. And in Grease Sandy and Danny fell in love during the summer but now he is acting like a cool dude who is an asshole for his friends.

Shawshank redemption

If you are not really in the mood for a Disney or romantic movie, this is also one of my recommendations. Andy used to be a successful banker and now he is arrested for murder. He is prison now and he becomes one of the most unconventional prisoners ever.

Pretty woman or legally blonde

Again, a couple of older movies. I now realize that most of the movies on this list are older than 10 years. In Pretty woman, Vivian gets hired by Edward, who is very successful. Vivian is a prostitute and she has to accompany him to a few social events but eventually, they fall in love.
In legally blonde, Elle’s boyfriends break up with her because he thinks she is not so smart. Elle is determined that she is smart and starts studying at Law school.

Harry Potter

8 movies! Do I need to say more? You can have a whole Harry Potter marathon. Harry Potter movies are great because they will give you that magical feeling, that everything is possible. And the good news is that the movies are pretty long too. So you will be distracted for a few hours.

Catch me if you can

I wanted to include a Tom Hanks movie, but I had no idea which one. I’ve seen a couple of his movies and they are all great movies. But I decided to pick ‘Catch me if you can’ because of Leonardo Dicaprio and because it is kind of funny. Which is great if you want to distract yourself.

This is just a short list of all of my movie recommendations. Which one is your favorite?



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