Benefits of reading

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As you know, I love to read books. On a day off you can find me sitting in a chair or on a couch reading a book. And reading is not just a hobby, because reading also has a lot of benefits. Today I share the benefits of reading with you and let me know (in the comments) why you love to read.

Benefits of reading

It is relaxing

Are you feeling stressed out? Do you want to feel more relaxed? Read a book! Even just a few minutes of reading can lower your stress levels and lower your blood pressure, so it is also very good for your health. Stress and high blood pressure are something you want to avoid. 

It takes you to a different world

Are you done with the real world for now? Do you want to be in a different world for a few hours? Maybe you want to be in space, then you should read science-fiction. Or maybe you prefer a romantic setting, find and read a novel. It doesn’t matter what your mood is, there is always a book that you can read that fits your mood.


Do you read a lot of books about one specific topic? That is not only very relaxing but also very good for your brain. Your brain loves to be challenged, so learning something new is great. A lot of people stop learning after high school/ university, but it is good for your brain to do something new. And the good thing is, that you now decide what you want to learn. So there is no excuse. Because these days they make books about literally everything.

Better focus

Do you have a hard time concentrating? Do you find it hard to focus on something for longer than a few minutes? Because of our phones we find it harder to concentrate for a longer period of time. But don’t worry, you can improve your focus by reading books. Start with an hour and do it every day. And you will see it will become easier for you to focus. It is like a meditation, but with books.

Bigger vocabulary

Writers use a lot of different words. And because you read their books, you learn these new words too. I started to learn English at the age of 11 and I am still improving. Every time I see a new word, I look it up on the internet and find out what it means. But the same thing applies to my own (first) language, which is Dutch. There are still a lot of words that I’ve never used before. By reading books I still learn a few new words every now and then.

Improves analytic thinking

Are you reading a thriller where someone killed another person? Of course you can wait until the end and find out who did it. But more fun is to find out yourself. So every time I read a thriller, I am constantly thinking about who, what, and why. And this is a good thing, because using this part of your brain, stimulates it and improves it.

Improves memory

Some books have a lot of characters which can be very confusing. By reading more books, you can improve your memory. I have to admit that I am the worst with remembering names, but I notice it is getting better and better. And you really have to use your memory part of your brain, because names and stories are very important when it comes to reading books. It is crucial.

You sleep better

The best tip I can give is that you should read before bedtime. Not only because I love to read. But it is because it lowers your stress levels and that will help you to sleep better. If you go to bed without doing anything about your stress levels, there is a chance that you will be awake for a few more hours.

Reading makes me feel sleepy and if I wake up the next morning, I feel completely rested.

Why do you like to read?



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