Crush (2022) – Movie Review

Title: Crush
Actors: Rowan Blanchard, Auli’i Cravalho, Isabella Ferreira and more
Director: Sammi Cohen
Writers: Kirsten King, Casey Rackham
Genre: Teen romance
My Rating: 7.5/10

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Paige Evans is an artist who has been in love with Gabriela for a long time. One day she is getting into a room to get some paint for an art project and Coach Murray catches her. They think that Paige is the person who puts on murals every single week at school. Principal Collins wants to suspends her, but Paige ends up making a deal. She is going to find out who really the person behind the murals is and she has to join the track team. She hates running and is not great at it, so AJ is helping her after school. The more time they spend together, the more Paige aks herself if Gabriela is the girl/woman of her dreams.


I have watched ‘First kill’ series on Netflix a while back. Netflix already cancelled that show after the first season, but it was one of the first series I’ve watched about an lesbian relationship. Not that I’ve avoiding it, but I think that was the moment I realized that the lesbian people were never really the main character of series I watched. I’ve seen tons of series/movies about gay people. But maybe this was a coincidence, I don’t know. This movie ‘crush’ was the first movie I’ve watched (I believe) about a lesbian main character. I have the feeling that movie about gay people are more common than lesbian stories, but maybe that is just me. Well, at least they are not just making movies about straight people anymore. There are now movies about everyone. And you can make me always happy with a movie with a happy and romantic ending.

It was also one of the first high school movie without too much mean girl drama. Everyone was pretty supportive. I like that. I hate it when the popular girls are always the mean girls. People were just nice to each other. They weren’t acting weird when Paige, who is an artist and hates sports, joined the track team. They weren’t acting like Paige was a loser because she never going to parties. I liked that, because everyone has different interests. It doesn’t make you any less worthy. This was another extra bonus point for this movie.

However, there one thing I really did not like and that was Paige’s mother. She is a single mother raising her child, which is cool. But when she opens her mouth, it was just too much. The way she talked to her kid and friend and everything else. It was literally too much. I even think it was better to delete those scenes. Coach Murray also had a few of those crazy scenes and it was too cringe to watch. I really wanted to skip it. But coach Murray and also Principle Collins had a few good and really funny lines. When you are school, you want to have something with a little bit of humor. My coolest teachers I still remember were the funniest and coolest ones, not the strict and boring ones. 

But overall, I think it was a pretty decent movie about love. Paige really thought she knew who she was in love with, until she realized it didn’t. Yes, it was very predictable, even when the real mural/graffiti artist revealed itself I was not even a little bit surprised. I saw that coming, but romance movies are always predictable. Romance movies are about the chemistry between the characters and the happy ending. Both of those things were great. I enjoyed watching this movie (except for the scenes with the weird mother). 



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