Cranky Campground Crush – Meredith Summers | Book Review

cranky campground crush meredith summers, annie dobbs, jaded billionaire

Title: Cranky Campground Crush
Authors: Meredith Summers 
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Romance, Drama
Pages: 232
My Rating: 8/10

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Cranky CampGround Crush

Ethan Thomas is a billionaire, but now he gets the feeling everyone wants something from him. He needs to get away from everything and everyone. The campground owner Ruby assured him that he was going to be alone there. No annoying people who can disturb him or are going to use him for his money.

Lily Ryder is about to get this promotion at the newspaper she works at. She and her colleague are still in the race and now they both have to spend time in nature and go back to the basics. She can’t use modern technology. So is just her and her dog Wookie.

Ethan is not very happy when he finds out he is not alone here. Lily just moved into the cabin next door. Sure, she is pretty. But is probably just ignore her and pretend she isn’t there. He hopes she will just leave him alone.


I’ll start with the best thing about this book and that is Wookie. That dog was so cute and was the matchmaker in this book. Wookie constantly ran to Ethan. The dog couldn’t stay away from him. That was so cute. Ethan liked the dog too. I was so invested in this dog. If you love dogs, just buy this book. You won’t regret it.

This is the first book in the ‘Sweet Mountain’ series. Recently, I found a couple of books for free on the Kobo website and they are all in the first in the series. They give you the opportunity to discover a fun new series for free. If you liked the first book, you probably want to read the series as well. I’ve read a couple of them now and some of them were really good. I enjoyed them a lot and this was one of them. After finishing this review, I will add the other two books from this series to my wishlist. Hopefully, I will find time to read those soon.

It takes place in the middle of nowhere. They are surrounded by nature. I personally love to spend time in nature. I always feel so relaxed when I am in nature. So I loved the setting. A lot of the books I’ve been reading recently took place in big cities, so this change was fun. Nature always brings me peace and this book did the same to me.

The characters were very likable. Lily isn’t an expert in camping and living without technology, but who are these days? But she tried anyway. She really wanted to get that promotion. And she could have easily cheated, but she did not. She is not a quitter. I liked that.
Ethan was very nice too. He saw that Lily was struggling with making a fire, and he wanted to help. Lily told him that she had to do it. He respected that, he just gave a few tips. He was so nice with her dog too. I guess the only thing about him was that he did not trust anyone. But I guess that is what happens to you when people start using you for your money. So I totally understood that.

It is one of those books that you can’t put down. I liked it a lot. It takes you to a different place in nature. I think this is one of the books I would recommend reading this summer. But I can also totally understand that this book would be perfect for autumn/fall. 

Extra: For some reason, this book has two different titles. My edition was called ‘Cranky Campground Crush’ and I really liked this cover too. But on Goodreads, it was called ‘Jaded Billionaire’ and with a different cover. That was pretty confusing because I couldn’t find the book at first. But apparently, the version I read was the E-book version. Honestly, I prefer that cover. 



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