Christmas with you | Movie Review

Title: Christmas with you
Actors: Aimee Garcia, Freddie Prinze Jr. Deja Monique Cruz
Director: Gabriela Tagliavini
Writers: Paco Farias, Jennifer C. Stetson, and more
Genre: Romance, Christmas
My Rating: 4/10

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Christmas with you

Angelina used to be a superstar, but the media and her label are saying she is irrelevant these days. She has no idea what to do and how to turn her career around. Then she suddenly knows the answer. She is going to visit one of her fans, Cristina. When they get snowed in, Angelina gets to know Miguel, Cristina’s dad a little bit better. He is a music teacher and loves to write songs for fun. They make a deal to write one Christmas song together. But the more time they spend together the more feelings they are getting for each other.


Another new Christmas movie on Netflix. The first one ‘falling for Christmas‘ starring Lindsay Lohan was a good one. That movie itself wasn’t award-winning good, but it still really liked watching it. But to be honest, I did not really enjoy watching this movie.

If you would remove the Christmas tree from this movie, it would still be the same movie. I am saying, that it did not feel like a real Christmas movie. Christmas movies make you feel warm and fuzzy from the inside and I had absolutely none of that. The characters were also a bit awkward and weird, maybe that is why I did not get the Christmas spirit from this movie. But Miguel, Cristina’s dad played by Freddie Prinze Jr. was the awkward and stiff one in this movie. His character was lacking something and there wasn’t any chemistry between the characters, which is a shame.

Aimee Garcia, who played Angelina, was great though and Deja Monique Cruz was glowing in this movie. Probably one of the strongest characters in this movie. The story itself was good though, but the entire time I was thinking that this was just like a Hallmark movie. And that is not always a bad thing, but in my opinion, it was a bad thing this time. Hallmark movies can be cringe sometimes, but sometimes it is just too much and it becomes annoying. Falling for Christmas was cringe too, but I liked that one better.

So this is probably the one Christmas movie I will never see again. Lucky for me, the Christmas season has just begun and there are still new Christmas movies coming out soon I just hope I will enjoy those movies more. This was not one of the movies I will remember. Holidate is still one of my favorite Netflix Christmas movies. I can definitely recommend watching that if you are interested in a rom-com holiday-themed movie.



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