Holidate movie review(2020)

Title: Holidate
Actors: Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Kristin Chenoweth
Director: John Whitesell
Writer: Tiffany Paulsen
Genre: Romance, holidays
My rating: 7.5/10

You can watch Holidate now on Netflix.


Sloane (Emma Roberts) is done with the holidays. Not because she hates them, but because she is done with the questions she always get. Sloane is (still) single and everyone in her family is asking her why or helping her to find a nice guy for her. Her aunt always brings a guy during the holidays and that inspires Sloane. She wants to find her own holidate: a guy you bring home just to avoid those questions during the holidays.


I want to start this review by saying that I also want a Holidate for myself. All those questions you get when you are still single. It is driving me crazy. So this movie was really meant for me. I could understand Sloane so well. It is super annoying when you get those questions constantly.

But to be honest, I was expecting a Christmas movie. This movie was on the list of new Netflix Christmas movie releases. But to be honest, you can watch this movie on any other day. This movie is not just about being single during Christmas, but also during easter and on mother’s day. So you can also watch this movie in the summer.

But even though I was expecting a typical Christmas movie, this movie was pretty fun to watch. I actually enjoyed watching this movie. Every now and then it is pretty funny. And if you are also a fan of romance movies, then you will like this movie too.

There was definitely chemistry between Emma and Luke (Sloane and Jackson and that is probably the most important aspect of a romance movie. If there is no chemistry between the lead actors, the movie already sucks. This story is fun and original. It has humor and romance. Exactly what you need every now and then. For less than 2 hours I was in a different (and corona free) world.

The Holidate is a perfect romance feel-good movie you really have to watch. Of course, it is predictable, because it is a romance movie but it is still a great movie. I think a movie like this one is what we all need right now.



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