All the bright places


Title: All The Bright Places
Actors: Elle Fanning, Justice Smith, Alexandra shipp
Director: Brett Haley
Writers: Liz Hannah, Jennifer Niven
Genre: Drama
My Rating: 4/5

All the bright places

Violet (Elle Fanning) lost her sister a couple of months ago in a car accident. Since that moment, life is hard for her. She is not going to parties anymore and is afraid to take the car. On her sister’s birthday, she meets Finch at the bridge of the car accident. They spending some time together because of a project. Finch is one of the good things that happened in the last couple of months for Violet. But she doesn’t know that Finch has his own stuff.


It’s been a couple of years since I read the book ‘All the bright places’ by Jennifer Niven. I didn’t remember every single thing before I watched the movie. But as soon as the movie started, it all came back to me. I remembered the rollercoaster, which was probably my favorite moment in the book and also the movie. It is the moment that Violet starts laughing again. I think this was the moment where she decided to start living again.

This movie is not just a random teen movie. The trailer is very misleading. Of course, you will know that this movie is actually a sad movie if you read the book. But if you didn’t and you watched the trailer, you might think it is a cute teen love story. It is dark and very sad. It is about mental illnesses and I promise that you will cry at the end. I cried the last couple of 10-20 minutes of this movie.

But I think this a really good movie. Normally teen movies are always with a happy ending and everything is okay vibe. This is totally different. It stands out. We need more movies like these because maybe we can finally start talking about mental illnesses. It is still a taboo to talk about your mental health.

I honestly think that this movie is not for everyone though. I think it could trigger people with a mental illness, especially suicidal people. I think a warning was needed. Maybe that would be a spoiler because you know something terrible will happen. But like I said: this movie is not for everyone.

I think Netflix is getting better at making better movies these days. And I really hope that this is only the start of something more. I can’t wait to see what movies Netflix is going to make in the future.

Have you watched ‘All the bright places’ on Netflix?



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