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all last summer stephanie j scott
Title: All last summer
Author: Stephanie J. Scott
Publisher: Unknown
Genre: Romance
Pages: 309
My Rating: 7/10

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All last summer

Lila found her boyfriend Matt with another girl, the evening before their summer trip. Now she does not want to go and cancels the trip. But now she has to find a job, so she can pay her parents the money for the trip back. She starts working at Teed Off!, where Matt used to work. His best friends are still working there and they love to prank her. Aiden even thinks she is not going to last a week at this job.


This is the first book in the ‘Love on Summer’ book series. The four books in this series are connected standalone books.

The plot is good. It reminded me of the time I got my first job during the summer. Just like Lila, I was surprised with my first paycheck and not in a good way. I think back then I was literally working for 2-3 euros per hour. It is kind of unfair that teenagers have to go through that. They do the same things as the adult who earn a lot more.

Lila never decides anything for herself and that annoyed me. She did everything to be likable to others. She decided to become someone else for everyone at school, so people would like her. Her friend Natalie basically pushed her to go to the Lake House, even though she did not want to. And Lila was constantly on her phone while she was Natalie. Not the best friendship, I would say.

Overall I thought the story was just a little bit boring to my taste. But it got a lot better in the last part of the book. That part was really dramatic, but good. A lot of things were happening to Lila and I definitely felt bad for her. She was supposed to go to a different country and have the best summer of her life with her boyfriend. Then she lost her boyfriend, needed to find a job, found out that a job does not pay her a lot when you are still a teenager (working your ass off for just a few dollars makes you really question if you still want the job), then she got car problems and a lot of more problems. It was a lot. 

Matt, Lila´s ex-boyfriend really pushed my buttons. First, he cheated on Lila with another girl. And he gets only worse at the end of this book. I wanted to attack this guy for ruining a girl’s life. Never thought I could get this angry about this fictional character. I seriously hope we will never hear his name again in the other books. 

If you want to read this book, read the whole book. Maybe you will like it from the start, but if you are like me and find this book a bit boring at the beginning, stick with it till the end. It gets better and better. And maybe I just thought it was a little bit boring, because I couldn’t concentrate on this book for more than a few minutes at a time. I just did not have a lot of patience in the days I was reading this book. I definitely got the summer vibes off this book, which makes it perfect to read it this summer on a beach. It does not have too many pages. You can probably finish it in a few hours.



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