99 percent mine – Sally Thorne | Book Review

Title: 99 Percent mine
Author: Sally Thorne
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Genre: Romance, friends to lovers
Pages: 349
My Rating: 5.5/10

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99 percent mine

Darcy and Jamie are twins, but Darcy was born with a heart condition and everyone is always worried about her. She does not take care of herself, she drinks a lot and prefers to spend her time somewhere else. But her passport is gone and now Tom is coming to renovate the house. Darcy has had a crush on him since they were young, but she feels Jamie was always his favourite twin. But now she wants to make him 100, okay 99 percent hers.


Confused. That is my word to describe to book and I don’t know even where to start. Darcy always runs away from life I guess. She has a heart condition, and people around her want to take care of her, but she is travelling. How does she pay for that? She says she does not use her parent’s money. Another thing is in the first chapter Darcy talks about she lost her passport and she was talking about it like it happened a few days ago. Then that night Tom arrives. At the end of the book, he tells her that he took her passport on the first night. That does not make any sense.

I was also kind of confused by Darcy’s relationship with Tom and her brother. I’ll start with her brother Jamie. They are always fighting and Darcy mentioned non-speaking terms one time. But at the end of the book, Jamie takes care of her like she is his favourite person in the world. One moment they were fighting really bad and other times, they were okay. He also tells her that she needs a good man because she deserves the best. Okay, but then he tells her that Tom is out of her league, that Tom is superior. 

Then Darcy’s relationship with Tom. They met when they were around 8 years old. Since that moment she is obsessed with him and everyone knew. So probably Tom did too. How did he never do something about it in all those years? She was literally speaking dirty to him and talking to him like he was some god. One moment he was like: I want to hear your dirty talk and other times he was like go away. 

It could have been so much better. What about the tarot cards? They find one hidden behind a tile and they hope to find more. But they never talk about it anymore. What was the point of that? And there was Keith who basically sexually assaulted her. They never talk about it again. There were many loose ends. And it made me angry that Darcy wasn’t taking care of herself. Did that stop eventually? I have no idea.

Sally Thorne also wrote the Hating Game and I loved that book. I still remember that part when Lucy gets sick and Joshua brings her home and really takes care of him. God, I loved that part. I loved how they went from ‘hating’ each other, to friends and how he takes care of her to lovers.  I kind of missed something like that in this book.

However, I still finished reading this because it also had a few good parts. That kept me going. This book is definitely not as good as The Hating Game and I know I have a lot of negative feedback, but I am still open to reading one of the other books in the future.



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