7 tips on how to love yourself


Too fat? To skinny? Too tall? Too small? No curves? Insecurity is probably one of the most annoying things. It can make you feel down when you shouldn’t. Sometimes I am insecure about my body. And I think most of the people are insecure about something. You are not the only one who is struggling with this. In this blog post, I give you 7 tips on to love yourself again.

Take care of your body

It is important to take care of your body. Some things can make you feel really confident. For me, that is my daily showers. After I take a shower, I feel amazing. Use a little bit a body scrub to your routine every now and then to scrub away all of the dead cells. And it even feels good when you use a body scrub, it feels like a massage. But you can take care of your body in different kind of ways: exercising, the food you eat and using beauty and/or make-up products.



Exercising is not only you can do for losing weight. Even when you don’t want to lose any weight, exercising has a lot of benefits for you and your body. Exercising is great for the mind and it releases all good chemicals. And after a work-out, you will feel tired but also very powerful. And after a couple of weeks, you will feel more and more confident, no matter how you look like. You should be grateful that you can still use your arms and legs so that you can play your favourite sports or that you can run for a couple of miles.

Wear your favourite clothes

Some girls/boys feel pretty in dresses, others prefer to wear oversized sweaters. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing. Who cares if it is not trendy what you are wearing? As long as you feel comfortable in your own clothes. I remember this moment when I was wearing my new dress for the first time and I felt so freaking confident. Yes, clothes can do that for you. And I also noticed how I wear more baggy pants when I am not feeling all right. Clothes can definitely make you feel a little bit better and it can give you more confidence.

Listen to your body

This is probably one of the most important things on this list but you should always listen to your body. A couple of years ago I got a burn-out and I think if I had listened to my body I would never reach that low point of my life (panic attacks, anxiety disorder). But thanks to my burn-out I know when I should take a step back and relax. Listen to your body, what does it need right now? Your body is always communicating with your brain, so listen to it. If you are thirsty, drink water. If you are feeling tired, take time for yourself.

Buy Lingerie

One thing that can make feel sexy? Wearing lingerie. Go to the store and buy something nice for yourself. Not just for a guy that you like (boyfriend, lover, husband). But buy it for yourself! Do it because it makes you feel sexy and awesome. I really love bra’s and panties with lace because it makes me feel more confident, so that is why I am wearing it a lot.

Focus on the things you like about yourself

Do you know that scene from Mean Girls where the girls are standing in front of the mirror and they talk about the things they hate about themselves? We, people, tend to see the negative things first. We don’t like our stomachs because it is too fat or our nose is too big. And this can make you feel bad about yourself. So instead of saying all of the things you don’t like, stand in front of the mirror every morning and say what you LIKE about yourself. And after a while, you will see the beautiful things first and the ‘negative’ ones don’t really matter anymore.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

My last tip is to stop stressing about yourself and your body. Does it really help you to say bad things about yourself? Stop being so mean to yourself. I can imagine that when you come from a place where you really hate yourself, it can take a while to reset your mind and to start loving yourself. But use my tips and I will promise you that you will feel better in a couple of weeks. Start saying the things you like about yourself or you can use mantra’s/affirmations. In the morning I say a couple of things to myself in the mirror and it really boosts my energy.

Ps; and please stop comparing yourself to other people (on social media). It is not great for your mental health and it will definitely not help you when you want to love yourself. Listen to Justin Bieber because you really need to love yourself.

This is your body. Maybe it isn’t perfect in your eyes but nobody is. And thanks to this body you can laugh, hug, exercise and do all of the things you want to do.

What do you like the most about yourself?



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