7 tips for more confidence

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Confidence is something a lot of people want to have, but unfortunately, not everyone has it. Maybe you were bullied in school and you still think that you are not good enough. Maybe you are saying to yourself that you are not good enough. But life with a little bit more confidence is a little bit more fun and maybe even easier. Today I give you 7 tips for more confidence.

Because I have the feeling that more people can use these tips right now. Especially in times of social media. It is easier to compare ourselves to others. Not just comparing looks but also comparing the number of followers or likes.

7 tips for more confidence


Visualization can be a powerful tool that you can use for more self-confidence. It is not just daydreaming, it is so much more than that. Visualizing means you are in control of what happens. Maybe you have to give a presentation very soon and you are nervous. Then you can visualize yourself giving your presentation. that you speak slowly and clearly and everything goes according to your plan. If you do this a couple of times, this will give you more confidence.


This is almost the same as visualization but with words. If someone told you that you are not good enough and you started to believe it then that means you can also believe that you are good enough if someone told you that every single day. But why wait for someone who will tell you that you are good enough? Use affirmations every single day and say something like ‘I am confident’ or ‘I am good enough’ to yourself in the mirror. It can feel a little bit weird at the beginning, but soon you will start to believe it.

Do something scary

We all have our fears. Maybe it is giving a presentation or holding a spider. But it doesn’t have to be that big. Do something that is outside of your comfort zone and you will see that there was nothing to be scared of. And that will make you feel more confident. This reminds me of the challenge of 100 days of fears that Michelle Poler decided to do a couple of years ago. She was scared, but she did those things anyway.

Wear your favorite clothes

When I look good, I feel good. It is like clothes and maybe a little make-up can give you that little bit of extra confidence and that feels amazing. You can basically tell how I feel that day by looking at my clothes. I love to wear clothes that make me feel confident and sexy. Go through your clothes and wear your favorite clothes.

Change your body posture

Try to think of someone who is lacking confidence, how does this person look like? Is she/he standing up straight? And try to think of someone who has a lot of confidence. Because you can see if someone is insecure or is feeling confident by looking at their body posture. People with confidence are standing up straight. Do the same and you will feel a little bit better already. And exercising can also help you to improve your posture.

Stop comparing yourself

As I said, social media makes it easier for us to compare ourselves to others. And that is exactly what we shouldn’t do. First of all, you are different and your life is not the same as someone else’s. If you see someone with 100K subscribers on YouTube and you only have 42 subscribers, that can make you feel insecure. But know that this person with 100K subscribers has worked hard for this for years. Maybe it took her 2 years to get her first 100 subs.
Just stop comparing. When you see someone on Instagram and you think that they are perfect, you are probably wrong. Everyone has their problems and insecurities. And by comparing yourself to others, you are wasting your time and energy.

Take care of yourself

Take a moment for yourself every single day. You can take a bath or read a book. It doesn’t matter as long it makes you feel good. Take care of yourself and your body. Eat healthy, exercise, and sleep enough. When you are taking care of yourself, you will feel better. You can not expect to feel amazing on just 4 hours of sleep.

And remember the most important thing is who you are on the inside. That is the most important thing.



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  1. There are a few things that help me when I’m not feeling overly confident. Definitely wearing certain types of clothes help. Another thing that tends to help me are affirmations. Like you said, when you say affirmations, you have a way of believing what you say out loud. I’ve definitely gotten a lot more confident as the years have passed, but especially over the past two years. Great post!

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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