5 tips for when you are feeling stuck

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We live in a society where we celebrate progress. Where we think we have to achieve something in life. Otherwise, we get this feeling of feeling stuck in life, that we miss a lot of things and sometimes we feel like a failure. We have been taught to ignore negative emotions and pretend to be happy 24/7, even when we are not feeling great. I give you 5 tips for when you are feeling stuck.

Listen to your body

Like I mentioned, we’ve been taught to ignore our negative emotions. But if you do this all the time and pretend there is nothing wrong with you, it can get worse. It is good to feel and listen to your body. This way, you know you are really feeling. Ignoring your feeling can give you a lot of stress or a burn-out. Or maybe even worse, because experiencing stress every single day is not good for your health.

So take your time for yourself and try to find out what kind of emotions you are experiencing. You can lay down and do the body scan to find out how your body feels. Is there any tension in your neck or are you feeling nauseous? Those are signs that we have too many negative emotions/energy inside us.

Listen to your thoughts

What you believe about yourself and the rest of the world will create your future. If you are constantly thinking that you can’t do it and it will never happen, it will be hard to get unstuck and start living. Try to listen to your thoughts first and write them down. Then you replace those negative emotions by positive ones. Replace ‘I can’t do it’ with ‘I can do it’. And if you are thinking that you are too fat or too skinny, you can say to yourself that you are enough.

That is how you break your old thought pattern and you will feel better soon. But don’t expect after one afternoon you will feel positive and that everything changes immediately. It takes time to
build some muscles in the gym and you have to do it regularly. This same applies to our brains. If you meditate one afternoon, it doesn’t mean you will feel better immediately. It takes time. So work on your mindset every single day.

Another tool you can use is using affirmations. Every day in the morning and/or evening you stand in front of the mirror and you say those affirmations. After a while, you will start believing it and that is the point when your life starts to change.

Do something different

Most of the time we feel stuck because of our lives and behavior. Every day doing the same routine can give you this feeling you are missing something and that you are feeling stuck. Every day will be the same. So do something else instead. If you normally watch tv in the evening, go out for a walk or start exercising.

Do you really want to change your life? Then you really have to change something in your life. Because if you keep doing the exact same things every single day, you will get the same result every time. Do you have a dream, that is not coming true? Find a new way to achieve that goal.

Listen to your intuition

In the last couple of years, I’ve learned that it is very important to listen to your intuition. Your brain is powerful too but when it comes to making decisions, your brain tries to protect you. And that sounds great, but it isn’t. It means you will always stay in your comfort zone.

While deep inside you, you want something completely different. In the last couple of months, I get this feeling and that feeling tells me what is coming next. It was predicting the future. But I never really listened to that voice because my brain wanted to protect me. But listening to your intuition is the best thing you can do if you want to live a completely different life. It can take you to amazing places and maybe you will meet people who can help you with your biggest dreams or maybe you find the love of your life.

Share your feelings

Like I said, ignoring your feelings is never good. And you are not the only one who feels like this. There a lot of people who are feeling stuck in life and don’t know what to do. Especially in times of corona when every day is the same. Share your feeling with someone you trust. Maybe he/she has some advice for you. Ignoring your feeling is not good.

And sometimes crying about a beautiful movie helps too.



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