13 minutes – Sarah Pinborough | Book review

Title: 13 minutes
Author: Sarah Pinborough
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Genre: Crime, Teen
Pages: 352
My Rating: 6.5/10

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13 minutes

Natasha (Tasha) was found in the river by Jamie while he was walking his dog. Natasha does not remember how she ended up in the river, all she knows she was dead for 13 minutes. She is very lucky she is alive. But she wants to know how she almost died. She wouldn’t kill herself and she is very popular. So who did this to her? Who did want to kill her? 

After the accident, she spends more and more time with her old friend Becca, instead of her best friends (aka the barbies) Jenny and Hayley. The two are acting weird when Natasha is around and she wants to find out why. Are they really her friends? Can she trust them?


Normally, I read a lot of romance books. Those books just make me happy. But every now and then I am in the mood for something different. And this book is definitely different. It is about Natasha who was found in the river and was dead for 13 minutes. And now she wants to know who did it. Who wanted to kill her? 

This book is divided into three parts and I have to say that the last part was definitely the best one in my opinion. although I am not sure if I liked the ending. I know that in books like this one, you never know what is going to happen. After the first two parts, I was underwhelmed. They found the possible murderers of Natasha and it was obvious from the first page who did it. A part of me said that it was just too easy. At first, when I read the few pages, I thought that it was impossible that they would have done it. It is never that obvious in crime books. But I also had no idea who did it.

But then part three came and slowly it started to make sense. I was kind of expecting a plot twist. It was too easy and I still had a part of the book left. But I guess I didn’t expect this kind of plot twist. It was actually really crazy but brilliant at the same time.

This book gave me almost the same vibes as ‘Pretty little liars’. Always lying about everything and young teenagers were dying. I think this book is perfect for everyone who liked PLL too.

Another thing I liked was the different kinds of chapters. One chapter was like a normal chapter you can find in any book, but the other chapters were conversations between Natasha and dr. Bennett and others were texting over phone messages. I liked the diversity. Especially because I found the ‘normal’ chapters a little bit boring sometimes. So this was a great book!

Likes and dislikes

Things I liked about this book:
– The plot twist was amazing
– Different types of chapters
– Pretty Little Liars vibe

Things I did not like about this book:
– The longer ‘normal’ chapters were a bit boring sometimes
– The ending was a bit weird.



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