Why did I decide to make YouTube videos

Why did I decide to make YouTube videos?

As you may have noticed but I recently started a YouTube channel. Yup, another blogger who decided to make YouTube videos too. In this blog post I will explain Why did I decide to make YouTube videos.

Vlogging my daily life

The idea of my videos are that I am trying to film parts of my daily life but I am also trying to include a message. For example I’ve made video talking about getting back into alignment and in the future I also want to show in a vlog how I am raising my vibration and how I get back into alignment.

So I am not just filming the things I am doing because that would be too boring I think. I am doing the exact thing every single day for now. And could make like normal YouTube videos and stop vlogging but I really prefer this right now. I am feeling a lot more confident when I am just hanging on my couch and tell you something instead of making a real youtube video if you know what I mean. I don’t feel the pressure when I am vlogging.

The reasons why I started vlogging

Right now I am not filming the rest of the house or other people. First I want to feel confident in front of the camera. I can always film outside my room. Babysteps people. It is all about the progress.

Another reason is that it is pretty cool to film your life and that you can look back and see the progress. Especially right now. I am a new journey to become fitter and happier. So it is a fun way to document it and share it with everyone.

And last but not least: I used to watch Sims series a lot. I am not really a professional gamer, but I decided to make my own Sims series as well.

Do you also have a YouTube channel?

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