Tuesdays like that – Carina Taylor | Book Review

Tuesdays like that carina Taylor
Title: Tuesdays like that
Author: Carina Taylor
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Romance
Pages: 326
My Rating: 8/10

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Tuesdays like that

Tuesday has given up on everything including her job and car to take care of her dying grandmother Aggie. Her last wish is that she would get married to a Boone. Mimi is the best friend of Aggie and grandmother of Jordan Boone and she organizes the whole fake wedding. Tuesday hasn’t seen Jordan in many years, so the wedding is a little bit weird but she it is her grandmother’s last wish. A few days after the fake wedding, Tuesday receives the official papers from the wedding. She still thinks the wedding was fake until she meets Jordan again. Apparently, the wedding is real. Mimi tricked them both into a wedding. The question is will they get a divorce?


This was another book I found on the Kobo website for free. Most of the free ebooks I found on the Kobo website were the first book of a series. But this was book number five and I realized that too late. But I don’t think it is going to be a problem when I read the other books later.

I really liked this one. I think so far, I have found three free books on the Kobo website that I really enjoyed reading. ‘Hit or Miss‘ by Everly Ashton was definitely one of those books I liked and I already added the rest of that book series to my wishlist and I think I am going to do the exact same thing with this book series. 

When they found out that they were actually married something changed. Before their wedding, both weren’t ready to get married and Tuesday is only 21. But when Jordan finds out that Tuesday is in trouble, he just wants to help her. When Tuesday asks why he wants to help her, he tells her that she is his wife and wants to take care of her. Very interesting how just one person can change your whole mindset from not wanting to get married to screaming that in a public space. But at the same time, very romantic and sexy.

It is one of those books you want to finish in just one afternoon or evening. I liked Carina’s writing style. It is funny, and fast-paced, which is definitely a good thing. Most of the time, I don’t like it when an author adds too many details to the story. The whole story was cute. Although, I thought that Jordan could have done better with the grand gesture at the end. He had made a mistake and there were many better ways to say sorry instead of this. Not that it was bad or anything, but I was kind of hoping for something bigger.

This is definitely one of those books I will recommend to people who like to read romance. If you are still looking for cute (smaller) books to read this summer, this is the one. I am also adding the rest of the series to my wishlist and hopefully, I will find some time soon to read them. My Wishlist is pretty long at this moment.



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