Too hot to handle – Tessa Bailey

Title: Too hot to handle
Author: Tessa Bailey
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Romance
Pages: 336
My Rating: 5/10

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Too hot to handle

Rita Clarkson’s mother’s restaurant burned down. The only Rita still has from her mother is her diary and her last wish is that Rita and her three siblings go to New York and swim in the water. They are now stranded somewhere in New Mexico. But then they get help from a stranger on a motorcycle. 
Jasper Ellis has a bad guy reputation in his town and he hates it. When he finds Rita with her siblings on the side of the road, he wants to help. While the car gets fixed, Jasper has only a few days to convince Rita that this isn’t just for one night, he is forever.


I always want to be nice when I write a book review because I know if I do not like a book, there might be someone else who will like it. But I think this was one of the books I really did not like and I have so many reasons why. But I think I can also safely say that these books are not for me. Maybe they are for someone else but I do not like this type of trope/genre.

It started pretty fun, well sort of. After the restaurant burns down, the Clarkson siblings decide to take the trip to New York by car. Well, it was Rita’s idea and eventually, the other ones agreed to join. The four are not close at all. These first two or so chapters sounded very promising. A road trip to New York sounds fun.

But after they got stranded in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico, it went downhill for me. And I honestly don’t know where to start. I will start with Jasper, I guess. He is a walking red flag. He had sex with everyone in his town and now he is done with his bad boy reputation. The way he talks is just too dirty and gross. If someone talked like that and he was a stranger, I would run away. And he says he is ready for a real relationship, but the only thing he thinks about is sex. That is a huge no for me. He says one thing but does the opposite. I mean, after they had sex, he asked Rita to leave. I would never look at that man again if I was Rita. Also, his bar is named Liquor Hole (try to pronounce it slowly and you will find it is a very dirty name). 

I am also done with those books about two people who say ‘I love you’ after two or three days. It does not sound very realistic. I also thought it wasn’t very realistic when Rita thought that the sex was the best she ever had and it felt personal to her and she thought he was caring and understanding. Let me remind you that this was what she thought after they had sex and then Jasper asked her to leave. Maybe they deserve each other.

One of the good things about this was the first part and the fact the siblings were getting closer again. But Rita decided to stay with Jasper So I wonder how the rest of their trip will go. But I am not sure if I will ever find out. Another good thing is that I now know I should stay away from books like these because they make me angry and frustrated. Maybe you like dirty books and Tessa Bailey, but I think her books are not for me. I did not enjoy this, unfortunately. I know a lot of people enjoy reading her books, but this one wasn’t for me.



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