Things you can do on a rainy day

It is autumn and here in the Netherlands that means it is going to rain a lot. Not the best season to spend a lot of time outside, especially not when it is storming outside. But what if you’re bored and you have no idea what you want to do? But there still tons of things you can do this on a rainy. You probably find something on this list that you want to do.

Things you can do on a rainy day

1. Go to a museum. Nobody said you have to stay at home on a rainy day. There are other places you can go to. Going to a museum is one of them.
2. Go shopping. Maybe you want to go shopping online, but you can also go to the psychical stores. Bring an umbrella when you have to leave the store.
3. Read a book. The best readings are the rainy/stormy days. It is so cosy when you’re staying home, reading a book and drinking lots of tea when it is storming outside.
4. Movie marathon. And if you are not in the mood to read a book. You can always invite a friend and have a movie marathon. Bring some snacks and just enjoy.
5. Bake something. Rainy days are also the perfect days to bake something. And your whole house will smell amazing too.
6. Try a new recipe. You probably don’t want to go outside on a rainy day, but that gives you more time to try a new recipe.
7. Clean your house. Rainy days are the perfect days to clean your whole house. Make a Spotify playlist and make it fun. It will feel so good when you are done. I love when everything is clean.
8. Go to the cinema. You can watch a movie at home, but you can also watch a movie at the cinema. I always love going to the cinema, because I really like the vibe. It feels special or something.
9. Make a puzzle. I believe this was one of the most popular acvitivies during the lockdowns.
10. Find a Diy on Pinterest. Make your want to change your bedroom, living or bathroom. There are tons of diy’s on Pinterest on improving your house.
11. Learn a new language on DuoLingo. Just spend 10 minutes a day on Duolingo and you can learn a new language in no-time.
12. Go to a wellness resort. If you feel need a little bit of extra self-care to, find a spa and just relax. Get a massage and everything. You deserve this too.
13. Escape room. If you and a few friends are bored, you can do something fun like an escape room.
14. Bowling. Or maybe you prefer to go bowling.
15. Exercise. Just because it is raining, it is not an excuse for not working out. There are still a lot of work-outs you can do at home and most of the time you don’t need equipments. My favourites are the dance work-outs on YouTube.
16. Play board games. Invite your friends and tell them to bring drinks and snacks and just have fun all night.
17. Create content for your social media/blog. Learn a TikTok dance or film your day for a YouTube videos. The options are endless.
18. Go out for a walk. You can still go outside if you want to. Take your umbrella or raincoat and go out for a long walk. The best thing about this is that everyone else is staying inside, so it feels like you have the whole neighbourhood for yourself.

Photo by Keenan Barber on Unsplash



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