The True Love Experiment – Christina Lauren | Book Review

the true love experiment christina laurenTitle: The True Love Experiment
Author: Christina Lauren
Publisher: Gallery Books
Genre: Romance
Pages: 413
My Rating: 7/10

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The True Love Experiment

Fizzy is a successful author, but she hasn’t written a word in a year now. And that is not the only thing that is happening in her life. She used to have a lot of fun with men, but now she is just not interested in that anymore. It is like she changed overnight and her brain wanted to have more stability in her life. 
Connor is a producer and he likes to make documentaries about nature and climate change. But now his boss demands he makes a reality program, a dating program to be exactly. Connor asks Fizzy to be the star of the show. After a while, Fizzy agrees. 
Before they start shooting this program, Fizzy and Connor spend a lot of time together and they slowly fall in love. This is the worst timing ever because Fizzy is now on a dating show that Connor is producing.


The True Love Experiment is the sequel to the Soulmate Equation. Apparently, I am really good at reading the sequel before the first book. But I am definitely reading the other one another time. And I don’t think you really need that one if you are not interested and you just want to read this one instead. I did not have the feeling I was missing something.

I think this was a cute love story, maybe not my favorite but it was still cute. I think Connor was being a great dad and person. He has made a big mistake in the past, but he became a better person. But on the other hand, he has not dated in such a long time. He is afraid his daughter Stevie will walk into them again. Even his ex-wife is saying it is totally okay for him to have a new relationship.

Fizzy used to be the opposite of that. She had a lot of casual sex, but suddenly she does not want that anymore. It is like something happened at one point and that changed her life completely. Like, she stopped dating suddenly and stopped writing romance novels too. So what happened? I am not sure if I missed that explanation or not, but I still would like to know though.

I thought it was kind of weird that Connor was constantly saying he did not want to have a casual relationship with Fizzy, but somehow they always ended up having sex or kissing each other. He says one thing but does the exact opposite. He was definitely making everything harder for himself (and Fizzy too) for no reason.

I think the reason why this wasn’t my favorite love story, is because I am not the biggest fan of reality dating shows. I never watch those kinds of shows on TV. I know a lot of people like them, but I just don’t. But I think if you do love those shows, you will definitely like this book more than I did.

Also, it was kind of refreshing that all of the guys were supportive of each other. Fizzy was dating 8 men on this show and they were all shipping for Connor and Fizzy as a couple. No toxic vibes at all, just love. I really liked that. When I read a book, I just want to read about good and positive things (and love obviously). It is such a small detail, but it really makes a difference.

Another thing I liked was the flirting between the two. It was slowly building the tension between the two main characters. There was a Harry Styles comment and I have to admit the ending was just brilliant. In romance books, there is always one person who screws up and has to do a grand gesture to show his/her love to this person. And I liked this grand gesture a lot. It was cute.

Christina & Lauren did another great job writing this book.



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