The Royal Treatment – Movie review

Title: The Royal Treatment
Actors: Laura Marano, Mena Massoud and more
Director: Rick Jacobson
Writers: Holly Hester
Genre: Romance, comedy
My Rating: 8/10

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The Royal Treatment

Izzy is a hairdresser at her mom’s salon in New York, even though it is not her dream job. One day she gets the call from Walter that prince Thomas of Lavania needs a haircut. At first, she thinks it is a prank from someone but it turns out it is real. When they meet at the hotel, Izzy thinks he is rude and leaves. That night he comes back to the salon to finish the haircut anyway. He is satisfied with the result and he books her for his wedding. But this wedding is arranged and Thomas does not want to marry this girl but he starts to fall in love with Izzy, which his parents does not approve of.


I was kind of excited to see another new romance movie on Netflix. It’s been a while since the last romance movie. But at the same time, I had no high expectations. I’ve seen other romance movies on Netflix and it is not always top quality. Sometimes it is even worse than a Hallmark movie.
I have to say that the movie was better than I thought it would be. I was pretty entertained and I liked the energy in this movie. Sometimes when you see people in a movie (or real life) who feel their energy and when their energy is good, you will like them. I felt this good energy with a few of these actors too. That helped a lot. I thought the characters were funny, sometimes a little bit cringe but overall pretty funny. I laughed a few times.

One of the things I wrote down while I was watching this movie was about the language they are speaking. Netflix is making up a lot of countries like Aldovia (from the Christmas movies ‘A prince for Christmas’. Lavania is right next to Aldovia and I think it is funny that they always speak English. Why don’t they speak another language or example? Although the main character Izzy is Italian they speak a little bit Italian in this movie too, which I liked.

There was also a part at the beginning of the movie that reminded me of Cinderella. Izzy forget her scissors and Prince Thomas gave them back to her. I might have eye-rolled during that scene because of course they had to mention cinderella.
Another thing that was kind of weird was that Prince Thomas is from Lavania and I guess it has to be somewhere in Europe or something. But they called a hair salon in New York, don’t they have hairdressers and stylists in Lavania? And did Prince Thomas fly to New York, just for the haircut? I was confused at that part. And another part that was confusing was the moment Izzy was wearing a red crop top and black jeans at the beginning. She wanted to wear something classy for the Prince but she went for another red crop top with black jeans. Also, the outfit she was wearing at the beginning of the movie was the outfit she was wearing at the end of the movie. Did they shoot those scenes on the same day or what?

I still liked the movie though. I liked the energy and I thought Destiny was kind of funny. I also liked that the bride to be wasn’t a total bitch. Normally, a woman goes crazy when she spots her fiancĂ© with another woman, but that did not happen at all. As I mentioned, it was an arranged marriage and they both did not want to marry. I liked the bride to be. She was nice and had big dreams. The parents in this movie were the devil. They only thought about their problems and money.

I think this movie was a lot better than most of the romance movies on Netflix. I also thought it was pretty funny and most of the characters were likeable. I also liked the details in this movie like Izzy was Italian and they spoke Italian too. I think Italian is a beautiful language. I liked the styling and everything. It was beautifully done. They even made me watch the credits at the end of the movie, that was also beautifully done. If you like rom-com movies, I can definitely recommend this movie



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