The kissing booth 3

Title: The Kissing Booth 3
Actors: Joey King, Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi
Director: Vince Marcello
Writers: Beth Reekles, Vince Marcello, Jay S Arnold
Genre: Teen, drama
My Rating: 6/10

The Kissing booth

In the Kissing booth 1, Noah and Elle got together and they had to hide their relationship. In the second Kissing booth movie, Noah and Elle were fighting and there was a lot of drama. In this third movie, Elle has to figure out which college she wants to go to and at the same completing the bucket list with Lee, hang out with her boyfriend Noah and work because she wants to save money for school.


So finally, the last movie in this series and again there was a lot of drama. In Kissing booth 2 we could see Noah and Elle fighting because they both thought they were seeing someone else. And the long-distance relationship wasn’t easy either. Their relationship was already full of drama and I wondered if they ever could have a ‘normal’ relationship. Because their relationship was never really quiet and chill. First, they have to hide their relationship because Lee wouldn’t be okay with it. In the kissing booth, it was a long-distance relationship with drama and even in this movie, their relationship was never really stable at all. Just like they said in the movie: sometimes loving someone isn’t enough.

I always thought Elle was weird because she based her college choice on someone else. She wanted to go to Berkeley with Lee but she also wanted to go to Harvard for Noah. Still pretty amazing that Noah went from a terrible kid in school to Harvard. I thought that was never possible but anything can happen in movies.
But Elle never chose for herself, she was always thinking about someone else. That always bothered me. Luckily, we still have Lee/Noah’s mom who said that out loud. You have to follow your dreams and passions and not because someone else said something.

Again there was a lot of drama in this movie and trust issues too. We already had that in the second movie and hoped we would be over it but I guess not. That was really annoying.

I think this movie was the least favourite but also the best. I didn’t like most parts, although having a bucket list is fun. But the moment that Elle finally followed her own heart and dreams, saved this movie! But I am also glad this was the last movie. Because it happens sometimes when movie/tv show makers love to make too many episodes or movies because the first season was good and popular. But sometimes you just have to know when to stop before making it worse.

Still, somehow I enjoyed it, even though I am happy this was the last kissing booth movie. Some people have a weird taste in music, I have a weird taste in movies and I am proud of it.



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