Super Attractor – Gabrielle Bernstein | Book Review

Title: Super Attractor
Author: Gabrielle Bernstein
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Pages: 232
Genre: Spirituality, Law of Attraction, Selfhelp
My Rating: 9/10

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Super Attractor

Everyone has dreams and things they want to manifest. In this book, Gabrielle gives you a couple of tools that can help you to change your mindset so you can start manifesting. This book is a journey of remembering where your true power lies. You’ll learn how to co-create the life you want. You’ll accept that life can flow, that manifesting miracles is fun, and that you don’t have to work hard to get what you want.
Most importantly, you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you give off the joy that elevates everyone around you. I’ve always known that there is a nonphysical presence beyond my visible sight,” Gabby writes. “All my life I’ve intuitively tuned in to it and used it as a source for good…What we call it is irrelevant. Connecting to it is imperative. Super Attractor is a manifesto for making that connection and confidently claiming your desires, marrying your spiritual life with your day-to-day experience.

You’ll learn how to:

* Move beyond dabbling in your practice, when it’s convenient, to live a spiritual life all the time
* Take practical steps to create an aligned life filled with purpose, happiness, and freedom
* Feel a sense of awe each day as you witness miracles unfold
* Release the past and live without fear of the future
* Tap into the infinite source of abundance, intuition, joy, and well-being that is your birthright
* Bring more LIGHT to your own life and the world around you


I am on a journey and I started to change a few habits. I already created a daily routine that works for me. This way I stay focused, I started to eat healthier, so I feel better. But of course, mental health/mindset is also an important aspect of my journey. In the last couple of years, I learned more about the Law of Attraction. But the thing is, you can read about it but if you never do something with that kind of knowledge, then what is the point?

But now I am committed to working on my mindset. Before this journey, I was in a very negative mood most of the time. I was not feeling happy. I always started to think negatively at some point during the day and it got only worse. So I decided to pick up this book. It felt like I needed this book and it was. This book gave me a lot of tools that I can use if I ever feel down or when I notice I am getting a lot of negative thoughts.

Gabrielle gives the Choose Again method, which can help you to go from negative thinking to more positive thinking. She also shares how important it is to have fun. She also gives a lot of great examples of her own life, which makes it easier to relate. And it is also kind of nice that the author is not pretending that everything is amazing in her own life. These days we have a lot of those people who talk about the Law of Attraction and their amazing lives. They never talk about the ‘bad’ days. But Gabrielle is not pretending everything is amazing all the time. She is not suppressing her negative emotions.

I kind of wish I bought this book in paperback. There were a couple of great chapters in this and sometimes you want to read a specific part/chapter of a book. I mean, this is a self-help book. It teaches you how to feel better and more positive again. You want to write down notes or easily go from one part to another. You can do those things with an e-book, but it is different. 

This is the book I am going to read more often. It helped me a lot already. But changing your mindset is something you have to work on consistently. It is like working out in the gym for your body. You can’t try to change your mindset in a few hours and never do it again. It takes time. You have to unlearn your old habits. 

There was even a chapter in this book about talking to angels. I am not sure how I feel about this chapter, but I tried it anyways, and I felt something. It is hard to explain, but it felt good. This book has changed the way I see life. I know I still have to practice these things until it becomes second nature, but I’ve had a lot of good days in the last two weeks. 

I can recommend this book to everyone who knows about the Law of Attraction. This book is mostly focused on how to feel better, but as a result, it gets easier to manifest. I like this approach. You should not change your mindset because you want to attract something, you want to change your mindset because you want to feel good. And when you feel good, everything else will fall into place.



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