Reasons to love spring

It is officially spring and I think this is my favourite season. The sun is starting to shine more often again after a long and dark winter. Everything is starting to grow, there is more colour everywhere and little baby animals are born. Spring is never too hot and most of the time also not that cold. And of course, my birthday is in spring. I have a lot of reasons to love spring and today I am sharing them with you. Maybe you don’t like spring that much and I hope I can change your mind.

Reasons to love spring

Baby animals. If you live pretty close to farms, you will know that spring is the season for those little and cute lambs to be born. A lot of animals give birth in the spring and it gives me the feeling of a new beginning. I have to drive through an area with a  lot of farms and when I see those little cute animals, my heart melts a little bit. 
Flowers everywhere. After a long dark winter with barely any colour in nature, spring starts great with daffodils, and crocus everywhere. It looks so pretty. It is exactly what I need after a long winter. It makes me happy to see those flowers everywhere.
Tree leaves are starting to grow again. I think one of the most depressing moments of autumn/winter is when trees are getting rid of their leaves. A tree without leaves looks sad. So nothing makes me happier when I see the leaves starting to grow again. Finally a little bit more colour. And what about those cherry blossom trees? They look so pretty in spring and I look at them all day long. 
Spending more time outside. It gets pretty cold in the winter and I am not a big fan of the cold. I think it is cold when the temperature drops under 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees in Fahrenheit). So you don’t see me outside a lot of the time in the winter. I try to avoid the cold and stay warm. But as soon it gets warmer again, I go outside again. I love spending time outside. I love to read outside on a beautiful warm evening. A great way to end the day.
Temperatures are rising. As I mentioned, I am not a big fan of the cold, but in spring the temperatures are to start to rise again. Okay, it is still possible it is freezing in the morning at the beginning of spring, but overall the temperature is higher than 10 degrees. 
Wearing dresses. If it gets warm enough again, I love to wear dresses and recently I found two amazing dresses at the thrift store and I can’t wait to wear them. In the winter you have to wear a billion layers to stay warm as I don’t like wearing too many layers. 
The sun starts to shine again. During the winter it is definitely possible that I don’t see the sun for weeks and that can be a little bit depressing, to be honest. When the sun starts to shine again, I feel like a brand-new person and it is easier to feel happier on a sunny day.
Summer food. I try to eat healthy and try to eat what’s in the season. In the summer I have more options and my favourite fruit (all kinds of berries) are cheaper during the summer months. My dad also grows food in his garden and I also get things. It tastes better when you grow it in your own garden.
Longer days. Okay, the days are still 24 hours long, but for some reason, we say the days are getting longer again in spring. What we mean is that the sun rises earlier and sets later. This means the sun is already shining when you wake up and the sun goes under pretty late. I come home around 8 and I love when it is still light outside when I come home again. It feels like I can do a lot of things. When it is dark, I prefer to chill on the couch.
Reinventing myself. Okay, this is more personal. But since I think spring feels like a new beginning, the start of something new. I decided to become a new person this spring. I am reinventing myself, and adapting new better and healthier habits. I am trying new things and trying to make myself happier.
Spring cleaning. Okay, I don’t always like to clean, but when I turn on great music and just start, I get in the flow and eventually it feels great to have a clean house again. It feels like a fresh start again. 
Birds singing. Imagine you wake up and the first thing you hear are the birds. It sounds amazing and it is a great way to start your day. I am going, to be honest, and say they can be pretty loud too and I woke up several times because of that. One time, a bird decided to come inside and started to sing. But honestly, I did not mind because it sounded pretty.
Everyone is happier. Back in the day, I was working at a store and I could tell what kind of weather it was outside, just by looking at the customers. During dark days, they were more grumpy and looked sad. During the sunny days, everyone was happier. I still notice that everywhere. What a little bit of sunshine can do with someone’s mental health and/or mood is amazing and interesting.

Why do you love spring?

Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash



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