Practice makes perfect – Sarah Adams

Practice makes pefect sarah adams
Title: Practice makes perfect
Author: Sarah Adams
Publisher: Dell
Genre: Romance
Pages: 338
My Rating: 8/10

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Practice makes perfect

Annie Walker is dreaming of finding the perfect man for her. She really wants to get married and have children. She thinks that is the only thing that has been missing in her life. But to find the perfect guy, she has to date guys first and that is not the thing she is good at. Annie overhears the guy she is on a date with and he tells his best friend on the phone that she is unbelievably boring. That is when she decides she needs a tutor, someone who can help her how to flirt and all that. Then Will Griffin is coming to town, he is the bodyguard of her sister-in-law and he is the perfect guy for the job. He could teach her some things. 

Will needs to stay away from Annie. He has feelings for her, but he definitely does not want the same thing as Annie. He just wants to have fun and not be in a relationship. But when Annie wants to ask another random guy to be her date tutor, he steps in and offers himself.


The last book I read was ‘Love on the Brain’ by Ali Hazelwood and honestly, I thought it couldn’t get better than that book. There was a lot of tension between the two main characters, but honestly, I think I liked this book a little bit more. And not just because of the cute and gorgeous cover of this book. Although, that might be the reason why I bought it. But I am so happy that I did.

I remember I read another book by Sarah Adams too (the cheat sheet) and honestly, I loved that one so much. I read a lot of books, so it is kind of hard to remember every single book, but I definitely remember that one. That book was super cute. Two best friends have feelings for each other and eventually, they fall in love. This book follows the same recipe, I would say. They become really good friends and they definitely had feelings for each other. I wonder if the rest of Sarah’s books are like that too. If they all have the friends-to-lovers trope. It is my favorite trope, so you won’t hear me complaining.

There is definitely tension between them. But the thing that touched me the most and made me cry so hard, was the part where Annie talks about how everyone sees her. Everyone thinks she is sweet and nice, but never good enough to date. That hit me so hard, it is so relatable. I had to stop reading it because I was literally sobbing. It even makes me a little bit sad, while I am writing this review. I definitely understood how she was feeling because it is shitty when everyone really likes you, but doesn’t want to date you. Especially when you really want to get married, like Annie.

But it was a great book, I really enjoyed reading it and I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who is into romance. Maybe grab some tissues for the sad part. But this book was touching, cute, romantic and so well written. I especially liked the part where Will takes care of Annie when she is sick. Everyone in town thought he wasn’t good enough for her, but when they saw he was taking care of her they changed their minds. But there is something about when a guy takes care of a woman. I think it is pretty romantic, even when you are sick.

I really liked this story. I see myself in her. A sweet, quiet introvert who loves flowers and reading and falls for the tattooed dangerous adventurer. It really helps when you have something in common with one of the main characters, I think.  Sarah Adams did an amazing job of pulling the reader in and keeping them engaged in the story. The characters are all so lovely and fun. 

There is only one thing, maybe I should have ‘When in Rome’ by Sarah Adams first. This is the second book in the series and you can read it as a stand-alone, but in my personal opinion, I think it was better if I read the first one first. But I am definitely going to read that one soon.




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