Nightbooks – Movie review

Title: Nightbooks
Actors: Winslow Fegley, Lidya Jewett, Krysten Ritter
Director: David Yarovesky
Writers: J.A. White (book), Mikki Daughtry, Tobias Laconis
Genre: Family, Fantasy, Horror
My Rating: 8/5/10

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Alex loves to write scary stories. That stopped when everyone said he was weird and they called him Creepshow. After his party (nobody showed up) he went to the boiler room to burn his stories. But on the elevator, something weird happened. He stepped out of the hallway and everything is different. One door is open and he enters. His favourite movie is on the tv and there is Pumpkin pie (his favourite). But before he knows it, he is trapped and there is no way out. The witch who did this, makes him write and tell him scary stories every night. And he is not alone Yasmin has been trapped for three years now. Together they try to find a way out.


This is supposed to be a family/kids horror movie. Well honestly, I don’t think this is appropriate for the whole family. It is too scary for the younger ones in my opinion. Unless burning witches is appropriate for little kids. And honestly, as an adult, I really enjoyed this movie.

First of all, I loved this story. A witch kidnaps children and if they are useful they will stay alive and if not, they die. Alex managed to save himself and when the witch was about to kill him, he told her he wrote scary stories. And that is exactly what the witch needed to hear. The witch has heard all of the scary stories from her own library and she wants to hear new stories. So Alex needs to write new stories for her every single night. You might think the witch just likes scary stories a lot, but there is a reason why she wants to hear those stories. That was a great plot twist.

I also thought that the Witch Natacha did a great job. I thought she was really funny, especially when Alex tried to tell his stories to her and she was constantly correcting him. Those were my favourite moments. Everyone was great actually. The acting was pretty good. Sometimes when I watch a movie with kids, the acting is not always that great. But this one was! I also loved the storyline and the setting was great too. 

This is not a horror movie that will give you nightmares. It wasn’t scary at all. Okay, for little kids it will be a little bit scary. But for grown-ups not so much. But this movie is just for pure entertainment. I think this is a great Netflix Halloween movie that a lot of people will like. Honestly, I wasn’t bored at all during the movie and I get bored pretty quickly. I mean, I am a Gemini. And to be honest, Netflix movies aren’t always great but sometimes there is one movie that is actually pretty good. And this movie will be on the list of movies I actually liked a lot. In my opinion, this movie is definitely worth watching. 

But I could also understand this isn’t for everyone. Especially not for those who love really scary movies. For everyone who just loves entertaining movies about witches, definitely watch this movie.



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