Love like water – D.E. Malone | Book Review

Love like water - D.E. Malone | Book Review
Title: Love like water
Author: D.E. Malone
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 234
Genre: Romance
My Rating: 6.5/10

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Love like Waters

Darcy just lost her job, but her old boss recommend her to take the job at a tour guiding company. This could be a good match since she loves history.
Sean has had a tough year and a terrible breakup. He wants to live off the grid and alone. But his brother can’t take over his job, so he is staying. Darcy and he are spending a lot of time together. And slowly he is opening up again.


I think I have never had so many mixed feelings about a book. I don’t even know where to start with this review. But I think this a bad thing actually. If I really did not like the book, I would have felt differently. But I just have so many questions. 

Sean has been through a lot; his last break-up was a year ago, but he is still recovering from that. It was that bad. He can’t see himself with another woman again. But the thing is, is that it felt like he forgot about his ex Paige when he saw Darcy for the first time. Maybe it is because it is a short book. But it felt like he was suddenly over his breakup in just a few moments. 
Then we have Darcy, at the beginning of the book she told someone she does not want to date co-workers or her boss. But it also felt like she threw that overboard immediately. Also wondering why she did not want to have a relationship with someone from work. Did something happen in a different relationship? I mean, I totally get it. But I wonder what her reason is.

Sometimes I also feel like the adults in books like these are a bit immature sometimes. But then again people in real life can be immature too. I was just thinking that Sean got angry at Darcy because she is still thinking about moving away. But instead of just communicating like adults, he ignored her. Although, it kind of makes sense for him. He went through something similar last year and he does not want to go through another break-up. But it did not make sense for Darcy, she did the same thing. And at the book it is still not 100% certain she is staying.

Love like water sounded like an interesting title, but I had no idea what it meant.  But after reading it is completely clear. Love is clear, fresh, never stagnant, but also unpredictable. And I really liked that. It is absolutely true.  

Love like water is also the first book in the Hearts in Hendricks book series. But honestly, I don´t see myself reading the other books as well. This was not the worst book I read, but this book did not grab my attention as other books have done. I am also not very into historical things, and both of the main characters were really into that. Nothing wrong with that, but it is just not my cup of tea. But maybe it is yours. Then you might this book.

There were things I liked about this book. It was short, that sounds like a bad thing. But sometimes I am just in the mood for a short story. I don´t always want to read a 500-page book. And Sean also broke my heart when he decided to ignore Darcy. I really felt that. I guess it is a good thing when an author can make you feel things.



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