Love & Gelato | Movie Review

Title: Love & Gelato
Actors: Susanna Skaggs, Tobia De Angelis and more
Director: Brandon Camp
Writers: Brandon Camp, Jenna Evan Welch
Genre: Teen, romance, drama
My Rating: 5/10

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Love & Gelato

Lina just lost her mother and now she is going to Rome for a trip. That is what she promised her mother before she died, even though Lina is not as excited. She wanted to bring a lot of books and is constantly thinking about college. Her best friend pushes her to go. She lives with Francesca but spends most time alone. Within an hour she met Alessandro, a guy who comes from a rich family. He is struggling to tell his family he does not want to step in his father’s footsteps. At another party, she also meets Lorenzo, who wants to be a chef. Lina has never had a boyfriend and now there are two guys who are into her. At the same time, Lina got her mother’s diary and she might think this will bring her closer to her and maybe find out who her father really is.


I completely forgot that this movie came out months ago. Netflix never promoted it. But it came out 8 months ago and I finally watched it. I believe I wanted to read the books first, but I still haven’t read the books yet and I really want to watch the movie. I knew people loved the book.

After watching this movie, I am just hoping that the book is better. But I think it will be. The most annoying thing was the acting. It was definitely fake and it felt off. It was just not great acting, nobody was really standing out in this movie. I was not impressed. It felt fake. Also, it was kind of weird that right after the funeral Lina’s best friend was acting extremely happy. Who does that?
The only part I liked was when Alessandro broke her heart and she was sort of acting drunk and reading her mom’s diary. She was being super sarcastic because her mother wrote about being in love and Lina’s heart just got broken by a guy. I also liked the setting. Italy is just beautiful and I am a big fan of the language and food.

The story was okay I guess. I saw a comment that the book is different, but I have no idea because I didn’t read the book. Lina goes to Rome to be closer to her mom, who just passed away. Then she reads her mother’s diary and finds out who her dad is. And to be honest, I thought I knew who her father really was but I was so wrong. 
I also didn’t feel that Lina had chemistry with any of the boys. It was just boring. I wasn’t rooting for any of the two guys. 

I am curious if Netflix will continue with this movie series because there are more books in this series. I kind of think I still want to read the books, written by Jenna Evan Welch. I think the book is going to be a lot better. I think they might be perfect to read for this summer. 



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