Love at first sight | Movie Review

Love at first sight movie review
Title: Love at first sight
Actors: Haley Lu Richardson, Ben Hardy and more
Director: Vanessa Caswill
Writers: Katie Lovejoy, Jennifer E. Smith
Genre: Romance, Drama
My Rating: 8/10
Where to watch: Netflix

Love at first sight

Hadley is four minutes late for her flight to London. But she is lucky because there is a seat on the next flight. In the meantime, she meets Oliver, who is also on his way to London. Hadley is on her way to her dad’s wedding, while Oliver is going to London for a totally different reason. During the eight-hour flight, they fall in love. Hadley and Oliver lose track of each other in the airport chaos upon arrival. Will fate bring them together again?


Another romance movie from Netflix and this one is based on the book by Jennifer E. Smith. I haven’t read that book and was thinking about reading the book first. Then I realized I already had too many books on my wishlist and decided to watch this movie without reading the book first. After watching the movie, I am not sure if I ever will read the book though. Not because I did not like the movie, but because it is kind of slow-paced. I never like that in books. So maybe it was fate (wink wink) that they created this movie.

As I mentioned, I did like the movie. I thought it was cute. They fall in love pretty fast, but I have heard many stories about people meeting the love of their lives on the plane. But as the narrator of this movie tells you in the beginning, it is not a love story, it is a story about fate. It was kind of both. I mean, they fall in love, so I guess it is also a love story. And was it really fate? The narrator (Jameela Jamil) had different roles in this movie and was pushing the two together. Is it still fate then? 

I really liked the narrator in this movie. Sometimes it can be a little bit annoying, but this woman was funny and I really liked her. It gave a little extra spice to this movie. 
I loved that the movie took place in London. I really love London. It is one of my favorite cities in the world and I really want to go back soon, especially after watching the movie. 

This movie was a rollercoaster of emotions if I am being honest. It was funny and cute, but there was also a lot of sadness. It made me cry a little bit too. It was also one of the movies that kept my attention until the end. Sometimes you’re watching a movie, but at the same time, you are scrolling on your phone because the movie isn’t that interesting. While I had the feeling that the movie was slow-paced, there was still something going on all the time. It never got too boring that I wanted to look on my phone. 

I can definitely recommend this one. Yes, it might be a little bit sadder than most romance movies, but it is still worth to watch it. Since I never read the book, I do not know if they did a good job of translating the book into a movie. But I can tell you that I liked the movie. The characters were likable, the narrator was amazing, loved the setting, and how they fell in love. I can definitely recommend it.



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