Just like in the movies – Heidi Rice | Book Review

Title: Just like in the movies
Author: Heidi Rice
Publisher: One more chapter
Pages: 338
Genre: Drama, Romance
My Rating: 6.5/10

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Just like in the movies

Ruby Graham grew basically up in the royale theatre. The owner Matty gave her a job when she was younger because Ruby really loved that place and movies. Now many years later she still works there and Matty became one of her best friends. But one day Matty passes away. In his will, he left 50% of the Royale to Ruby and 50% to Luke Devlin. Another wish of Matty is that they both spread his ashes at the park and when they do they got caught for trespassing and disrupting the peace. Luke now has to work for 300 hours at the Royale. The more time they spend together, the closer they get. There is only one problem. The Royale is Ruby’s life, but Luke’s intention is to tell the place because it is a poor investment.


I love movies, and I always love when books are also about movies. It is like two of the things I love combined. One time, I read another book, It only happens in the Movies, and that one was really great. They made so many references to famous movies and it was amazing. I have to admit that I have seen 0 of the movies that they talked about in this book. I know a few of the titles (Brokeback Mountain & About a Boy) but never watched them. But maybe I will watch them soon. 

I like the grumpy versus sunshine trope. Maybe that is because I am trying to write a story/book with the same trope. Although, I think he is actually more insecure than grumpy. My favourite part is when Ruby’s boiler broke down and Luke comes over to see if he can fix it. Ruby was in the shower when her boiler stopped working and she still has to rinse out the shampoo in her hair. He offers to help her and I just love when guys take care of women. It is so attractive. That was a huge plus!

But sometimes I don’t get why they are fighting about. In romance books, there always comes a point when there is a huge fight and eventually they make up. I am not sure why Ruby wouldn’t take his money. He already owned half of the theatre. At first, I thought she was exaggerating. Although, I got also her point of view because she felt he was giving her money because he felt guilty. He was about to leave her and he couldn’t say ‘I love you’ back. 

Sometimes I want to have an extra part of the book. Ruby wanted to quit working at The Royale and she realized her life was only The Royale. She did not have a life outside of it. But when The Royale got saved last minute, I wonder if she still decided to see more of the world and make new friends and not just be friends with those people who worked at The Royale.

Overall, I thought it was an okay book. I liked some parts, others maybe less. It did not wow me. I wasn’t like I want to read more. I think it is still a good book, but it is not going to be one of my favourites. It wasn’t a pageturner for me.  But I am definitely adding a few of the movies they mentioned in the book to my watchlist. They are all classics and I feel like I should watch them.



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