Hidden Hollwood – Kylie Gilmore | Book Review

Title: Hidden Hollywood
Author: Kylie Gilmore
Publisher: Extra Fancy Books
Genre: Romance, 
Pages: 202
My Rating: 7/10

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Hidden Hollywood

Claire is a famous Hollywood actress and all of her past relationships were not a great success. She wants to have something real with a regular guy. She is also in a book club with a few other women and one of them, Hailey, convinces her to go on a date with Josh. She is not sure at first, but the date is perfect. It is everything she wanted, although this makes the situation makes everything very complicated. Josh has no idea who she really is because she went as Jenny on the date and was wearing contacts and a wig. And is Josh really who she thinks he is?

Jake is a billionaire CEO and is done with superficial women who only care about money. When he visits his Twin brother, Josh, they decide to switch places again. Josh is going on a date with Hailey, his crush while Jake pretends to be Josh on a date with this Jenny (a.k.a. Claire).


This book is just the first book in this book series of eleven(!!!!) books. I totally get why though. There are a lot of characters. You have all of the women from the Book club, you have Madison’s real brothers and her brothers from other mothers. And you know what? I kind of want to read more about these characters. I was kind of hoping the next book would be about Hailey and Josh, just to find out if they end up with each other. But the next one is actually about Madison. She is more of a tomboy but now has a crush on a guy from her group of friends. That is definitely going to be interesting.

But this book is about Jake and Claire. I am going to be honest, this book is definitely more ‘lust’ than real love. There is definitely an attraction between the two, but romantically I was not feeling it. Maybe it is just me. But every time they weren’t having sex, they were fighting. That was something that annoyed me a little. Love is just more than just having sex. I was kind of missing that in this book. But still, somehow I kept on reading.

It is a short book, which is nice. Currently, I am not really in the mood to read very long and big books. I want something quick and happy. This is definitely one of those books you can finish in a few hours. It only has 202 pages.  If you are looking for more romantic, I am not sure if this would be one of those books I would recommend. This is more the kind of book for people who don’t care about a lot of smut. This is the kind of book I would recommend if you have an afternoon to yourself on a sunny day. Just get a few snacks and drinks and just read the whole thing in one go.

As I mentioned, there were a lot of characters but it wasn’t confusing at all. Not even for me, who has trouble remembering names. The characters are likeable, but everyone is very different from each other. It makes you definitely want to read the rest of the books. 

Overall, I think it was a fine book and I am putting the rest of the books on my long wishlist. My wish list is very long at this point, so I am not sure when I am able to read the other 10 books in this series, but we’ll see. 

And totally unrelated: I love the author’s name. I love the Gilmore Girls. Big fan of the tv show. Maybe one day, the author will become one of my favourite Gilmore Girls.



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