Hello, Goodbye and everything in between | Movie review

Title: Hello, Goodbye and everything in between
Actors: Jordan Fisher, Talia Ryder, Ayo Edebiri and more Director: Michael Lewen
Writers: Jennifer E. Smith, Amy Reed, Ben York Jones
Genre: Drama, romance
My Rating: 5/10

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Hello, Goodbye and everything in between

Claire knows what she wants and what she does not want. She does not want to be in a relationship before she goes to university. At a party, she meets Aiden and the same night she tells him about not wanting a relationship. They kiss anyway. They make a pact, a break-up pact. Their last day together is their break-up day. Aiden decides to make it the best date ever. He secretly hopes that Claire will change her mind about breaking up with him. They go to places where they had their favourite moments together. Will Claire change her mind? Or will they still break up before she leaves for university?


This movie is based on the book written by Jennifer E. Smith. I knew that this would be based on a book, but I have never read the book so I had no idea what it was about. Although, you can kind of figure it out by reading the title.

There were reasons why I liked this movie. The story is unique. Normal love stories are about getting together, but this one was about breaking up. I like when a movie (or book) is different from other movies. I can’t remember I read a book or watching a movie like this one. Normally the books I read are about getting together. That was definitely the thing I liked the most about this movie. The ending was not sad at all, it still gives you hope.

But I am going, to be honest. There were also many things I did not like about this movie. I don’t even know where to start. First of all, I wonder if the book is exactly like the movie. Because I have this feeling that this movie is lacking several things. I was missing the chemistry between the two main characters. And yes, that is the most important thing in a ‘romance’ movie. Without that, the movie just sucks. It felt very flat. I found it weird how they become lovers almost instantly. It felt like it was missing something. It felt like the part where they would fall in love was missing.

Since I was missing the chemistry between the characters, I was getting bored and I went on my phone. I start doing other things while watching this movie in the background. Which is not a good sign. Because that meant I did not like this movie. It was just not interesting. And because I was doing other things, the whole movie was a bit confusing. There were flashbacks to the moments when they were happy together, but half of the time I had no idea if it was a flashback or the present moment. Again, this might have something to do with the fact I was on my phone.

The plot idea is cute and great, but the execution was just terrible, I wanted to see emotions but there was nothing there. Even though this was a romance movie (okay, about a break-up), it was kind of depressing.

And this is why I always want to read the book first because after watching the movie I am not convinced I also want to read the book. What if the book is just as boring as the movie? My tip for everyone is always to read the book first.

Likes and dislikes

Things I liked about this movie
– The plot is unique
– It is based on a book

Things I did not like about this movie
– No chemistry or emotions
– Weird flashbacks
– It felt like it was missing a part at the beginning



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