goodbye my friend

Goodbye my friend

Last two/three weeks have been rough for me personally. Two weeks ago I lost my granddad because of cancer and my aunt was in the hospital because of a stroke. And I thought everything would get better, until yesterday…

When my cat Kiwi suddenly passed away.

Just 6 years ago Kiwi came into my life as a late birthday present. I remember the first day at my place. Normally cats are pretty shy and they have to adjust. Kiwi wasn’t like that all. You saw me as his mother immediately. When I walked to the bathroom, you were there too. When I walked to the kitchen, you were there too. We were inseparable. 

Every single night, you slept next to me in my bed. Every morning you woke me up because you were hungry. Or those moments when I tried to read a book and you were trying to get my attention. I already miss those moments. The look on your face when you were enjoying the sunny days, the love you gave me when I was feeling sad or the endless amount of cuddles you wanted every single day. I will miss that so much. You are the one who knows my deepest secrets.

It is not just a cat. Kiwi was my best friend. It is not something you can replace.

I will miss you

Rest in peace, dear Kiwi

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