Goals for august 2018

goals for august 2018

Okay, it is already the second of August, but I still wanted to share my goals for August. I think setting goals really helps with keeping focused.


Read 2 books

I haven’t finished a book in forever and I really miss it. I never make time for it. That is also one of the reasons why I don’t want to watch Netflix for a while and I ended my subscription. Just to find more balance. Less Netflix, more books. At the moment I am reading a fiction (We were liars) and a Non-fiction book (You are born rich).


I want to spend more time on self-care. More meditation, more reading and stuff like that. It is important that you take care of yourself, to calm your mind. Especially in a crazy world like that with technology and everyone and everything is available 24/7.


Blog/Instagram related

So I like to set my goals high if it comes to my blog and Instagram. I like a challenge. Since I am already talking about my blog. Did you know that this is my 100th blog post here?

Get 23.000 followers on Instagram

I am at 19.5K right now, so I want to get 2.3K followers in a month. Not impossible, because I’ve seen people get more than 10K followers in a month.

Get 5.000 followers on Twitter

I am currently 2000 followers, but I am gaining a lot of followers at the moment. This is going to be the easiest challenge.

Get 1.500 pageviews

So my pageviews were low last month, but I am completely back with daily blog posts and I already can tell that my pageviews went up. 1.500 page views are absolutely possible

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