feeling anxious and blog update
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Feeling anxious and blog Update

Wait? A new blog post from Bettie? Yes, I am back and in this blog post I want to talk about where I’ve been. It is getting very personal and of course I have a few little updates about my blog

Feeling anxious

Okay, where should I start? A while ago I wasn’t feeling very well and I am talking about mentally. I was feeling sad, anxious, unhappy, unmotivated and lazy.  And whatever I was doing wasn’t working. Well, maybe for a few hours. Meditation and getting a lot of sleep helped me a little. 

I realised that I had to take a break and start focusing on myself. You all know that I got a burn-out a few years ago and I didn’t want to get through that again. This was one of the reasons why I started a happiness project here on my blog. But to be honest I didn’t even start with it, even though I thought I would help me. I reached a low point and I had no idea why. I still have no idea, but all I know is that this morning I woke up and got excited again. I wanted to write blog posts again. 

Of course I still want to continue my happiness project and feel awesome again!

And this means that I also will start the course Alignment is the new hustle and focus on myself. 

Blog update

And that leads me to the next thing I want to talk about and that is my blog and my other channels like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Yes, I recently started a YouTube channel and at first I wanted to upload a video every single day. But for now I don’t think that is a great idea. 

My main focus will stay on my blog and Instagram and every now and then I will upload a YouTube video too. I think I start with a video once a week. 

And of course I also decided to focus a little bit more on Mental Health too. I will still write about books, movies and tvseries but I think my main focus is going to be lifestyle related. Although I think that books etc is also lifestyle related, I will write more about mental health, burn-outs, stress and how to make your life better and of course Law of Attraction.

How are you today?

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