Blue Hawaiian – Carla Luna | Book Review

Blue Hawaiian - Carla Luna
Title: Blue Hawaiian
Author: Carla Luna
Publisher: Moon Manor Press
Genre: Romance
Pages: 300
My Rating: 7/10

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Blue Hawaiian

Jess has had a crush on Connor since she was twelve.  At 18, they spent two weeks together, but after those two weeks, it was clear that Connor did not want a relationship and ended it terribly. Now five years later, they see each other again at the wedding of Jess’s sister and Connor’s cousin. A lot of memories are coming back, including some feelings Jess did not she still had. Connor is feeling the same way, but it is not the right time for a relationship. He is just starting his own business. So they decide that they will have a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship. But Jess is definitely that kind of woman who prefers a relationship over this and Connor is that kind of player. Everyone is afraid he will Jess’s heart again.


I have mixed feeling about this book. I liked the whole wedding on an island vibe, but a few characters were annoying. Jess’s sister is the worst bride ever, she is a control freak and she is really mean to everyone. The good news: is she is not the main character of the book and she becomes a better person. Connor however is a main character. I did not like him as I wanted to. 

He is the player who wants to change. He and Jess agree that they will just have sex. But the thing I hated is when they have a huge fight and Jess tells him that is just sex. And somehow Connor is the one who got hurt and he tells he wanted more. But that was not their deal. Their Friends-with-benefits thing would end after the wedding.  Connor makes now Jess feel bad because she tells him that it was just sex while it was not their agreement. But somehow it was Jess’s fault, he made feel Jess guilty. That is gaslighting baby. Funny enough, later they make up and he is the one who tells her that they should be in a relationship immediately. He was a very confusing character. I had no idea what he really wanted. Then he was a player, then he wanted a relationship. It was exhausting. He reminded me of someone I knew and that isn’t good news.

But if I would focus on the rest of the characters and story, it is still likeable. And in the first part of the book, I had not too many struggles with Connor’s character. I also really liked Brody. Guess what? The second book in this series is called ‘Red Velvet’ and I believe it is about him. I really liked his character. And the book about him is apparently a trope with ‘Oops there is only one bed, should we share it?’ I am already looking forward to reading that.

Because I had no problems with Carla’s writing style and the story itself. I just did not like Connor that much. This book gives you the perfect island wedding vibes. It made me dream about my own wedding (If I am lucky if I find the right man). If you can ignore a man gaslighting his crush, then go for it. Maybe you won’t even notice it. Because I just noticed it because I knew someone who was gaslighting me years ago.



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