Bird Box Barcelona | Movie Review

Bird Box Barcelona | Movie Review
Title: Bird Box Barcelona
Actors: Mario Casas, Georgina Campbell, Diego Calva and more
Director: Àlex Pastor, David Pastor
Writers: Àlex Pastor, David Pastor
Genre: Mystery, Horror
My Rating: 6.5/10

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Bird Box Barcelona

Strange things are happening, this time in Barcelona. If people open their eyes, they will see something and it makes them suicidal. Sebastián is one of the survivors. Sebastian and his young daughter Anna must navigate their own journey of survival through the desolate streets of Barcelona. But as they form an uneasy alliance with other survivors and make their way toward a safe haven, a threat more sinister than the unseen creatures grows.


A few years ago, Netflix released a horror movie starring Sandra Bullock. In that movie, there was something weird going on. If people had their eyes open, they would turn suicidal and kill themselves and even take others with them. That movie became a huge hit on Netflix. And now they are back.

There are two timelines in this movie. One timeline shows you snippets of Sebastián’s life at the beginning of this apocalypse. You what he has been through and how he is trying to survive all this, together with his daughter Anna. Then there is a second timeline, which shows the present moment and you can’t trust anyone. There are people who are trying to survive it, and there are others who are trying to open the eyes of those survivors. The people from the second group think this is a miracle happening on Earth. They think people will become free as soon as they open their eyes.

I have mixed feelings about this movie. I’ll start with the good things. I thought it was pretty cool that they talked in German, Spanish, and English in one movie. Although, I would have been okay too if it was only Spanish. I love the Spanish language and it sounds so beautiful. 
I also kind of thought this movie was pretty dark but interesting. It was interesting that there were people trying to survive and there were people who could see it without becoming suicidal. The whole movie I wondered how that was possible, but at the end, they explained it a little bit. But those people are the bad guys. They open the eyes of other people. Which was pretty dark.

But I still have questions after watching this movie. They sort of explained how it was possible that some people could see it, but I got the feeling they never gave the full truth. The ending also did not feel like an ending. The other thing I want to add is that I like the darkness of this movie, sometimes it was pretty boring. I guess I needed more action. Sometimes it was hard to stay focused on the movie

So I guess if this was another successful movie, Netflix will make another one. Maybe in a different city, but it would make more sense to pick it up where the movie ends. There was definitely some experiment going on. 

Overall, it was okay. But I think the original Bird Box movie with Sandra Bullock was just better. I just needed more action. I was so excited to watch it, but I am feeling a little bit disappointed, to be honest. If they make a new movie, I think I would definitely watch it, but I hope they make it more interesting.



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