Am I back on Youtube?

Am I back on Youtube?

Am I back on youtube? The short answer is yes, I am back on Youtube. Maybe you’ve noticed that I already uploaded 4 new videos. But let me tell you why I am back.

Not sure what I wanted

I think a few months ago I made my first youtube video. But because it is so far out of my comfort zone, I stopped making videos and went back to my good old comfort zone. But to be honest, I also had no idea what kind of videos I wanted to make. A lot of YouTubers make certain videos because they know they will do well. Following certain trends on Youtube will get you more likes and subscribers. And I was kind of stuck in between that and what I really wanted and who I really am.

Last week I was watching Youtube, watching my favourite YouTubers, and I realized I really want to make videos like that. So that day I made a quick little introduction video.

After making a few videos I can tell you I am feeling a little bit more comfortable in front of the camera. It still feels a little bit weird though. It feels weird to see/watch yourself on Youtube.

What kind of videos do I want to make

Like I said in my introduction video, I really want to focus on the Law of Attraction, veganism, minimalism. But I also would love to make videos about the things people (including me) are struggling with, for example, burn-outs, insecurities etc.

At the moment I am still making my videos with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5), but I am cool with that. The quality isn’t great, but also not too bad either. So, for now, it is fine to film everything with my phone. And maybe when in the future I really get more subscribers, I would definitely make more high-quality videos with a decent camera.

I still haven’t made an uploading schedule because I am not sure if I want to upload every single day or just a couple of times each week? I think I want to make longer videos (longer than 3 minutes) and that will take more time to edit of course. So I probably will upload maybe 3 times each week.

Do you have a Youtube channel?

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