A Tourist’s Guide to Love | Movie Review

Title: A Tourist’s Guide to Love
Actors: Scott Ly, Rachael Leigh Cook, Ben Feldman and more
Director: Steven K. Tsuchida
Writer: Eirene Donohue
Genre: Romance, Based on a true story
My Rating: 8/10

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A Tourist’s Guide to Love

Amanda works for a travel agency, and her boyfriend calls to her boss asking if Amanda can get home early that day. Her boss immediately thinks that he is going to propose. So when Amanda comes home from work, and he begins to talk, she thinks this is going to be a proposal. But in fact, it is the boyfriend saying he is moving to Ohio and they need a break. 
Her boss sends her to Vietnam for work and distraction from her breakup. There she meets the rest of the group and the tour leader Sinh. The more time they spend time together, the more they start to like each other. 


After watching the movie, I found out that this movie is actually based on a true story, which is pretty cool. Makes it a little bit more special, I think. I was surprised that Amanda got over her boyfriend so quickly. I did not see her with a meltdown, eating ice cream and watching rom-com movies, which they usually do in movies. But maybe she never cared that deeply about her ex-boyfriend or she wanted to cry about someone who has made a stupid decision. 

I’ve never been to Vietnam, but wow it looked so beautiful in this movie. It definitely made me dream about a vacation to Vietnam. I am sure, I am not the only one and that more tourists will go to Vietnam soon or put it on their bucket list. 

I liked the story. It shows you can and will find love in unexpected ways. You just never know when they meet the one. Although, I am curious how I wonder what happened after the movie. Especially because it is based on a true story. Are they still together. Did Amanda move to Vietnam or did he move for her? Long-distance relationships are not easy. 

I liked the scenery. The tour guide Sinh wants to show his group beautiful spots in Vietnam. Amanda assumes they will also go to the tourist spots, but instead, Sinh shows the group the real Vietnam. He wants his group to experience Vietnam instead of just seeing it. I liked that. Everything looked so beautiful. I am not an expert on Vietnam, but I think in this movie they stayed true to their culture. That is always a big plus. 

Yes, this movie is predictable, just like every rom-com movie. But this is a feel-good movie you don’t want to miss. It is cute. Maybe it was lacking real chemistry between the two main characters, but it did not bother me at all. I really wish that Netflix would make more movies like this one. It is cute and heartwarming, it brings you to a different world for a while and it makes you feel good. That is the reason why I like to watch movies. I feel like the romance movies (Netflix originals) are getting better. I remember years ago, most of them were cringe. But they are definitely producing better romantic movies nowadays. I love it.



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