6 reasons why I love blogging

I started blogging when I was 16 years old and now many years later I am still blogging. If I didn’t like to blog, I would have quit. But on good days, I can even write for hours without taking a break. I just love to share my thoughts and give you my opinion or advice about things. In this blog post, I share the reasons why I love blogging.

6 reasons why I love blogging

Share your thoughts
It is your place on the internet, so you can basically share whatever you want. If you share something harmful on social media platforms, there is a chance that they will delete your content. But nobody can delete your content on your own website. Not saying you have to write harmful content now. But I am trying to say that you can share your thoughts about literally anything. If you have a passion for baking, you can write about it and share your recipes with others. Or when you are just like me and you have 100+ interests, you can still write about it all.

Connecting with other bloggers/people
When you are just starting, you can feel like a newbie, the new kid in the class. But if you’ve been blogging for a few months or years, you can make new friends through blogging. You can just comment on their blogs but you can also follow them on social media platforms. And maybe you can help each other.

You can inspire other people
The other day I got the sweetest comment on my YouTube channel, but even on my blog, I get nice comments as well. Maybe you wrote a great book review and now everyone wants to read it. Or maybe you wrote a helpful blog post about being more mindful. You never know what will happens as soon you hit the publish button. But there is always a chance that someone will read a blog post and they will thank you for an inspirational blog post.

You write in your comfy clothes
You can write from wherever you want, even from your bed and nobody will know. You don’t have to wear your best clothes to write a blog post because nobody will see you. How amazing is that? I’ve several blog posts from my bed. Sometimes I get great ideas in the evening when I am about to read a little bit in bed. But if I get an idea, I get my laptop and I just writing. You can even write in the middle of the night. You can work from the beach. How amazing is that?

A lot of opportunities
When you are a great blogger, it is possible that brands will contact you. Sometimes it is a collaboration but sometimes they invite you for an event. Some bloggers have to travel a lot for their blog. Of course, this shouldn’t be the first reason why you are starting a blog. You have to do it because you love to write otherwise you will never enjoy it. And I don’t know about you, but I prefer to love my hobbies/job.

You learn a lot
Writing a blog sounds very easy and it can be, but when you have your own domain, you also have to do other things. You have to make sure your blog works properly and maybe you want to get a new theme. And when you are serious about your blog, you have to learn and use SEO and you have to start using your other social media platforms too to get more traffic. This is not something you will learn in one day, it takes time. But it is fun to see your own blog growing.




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